News & Site Updates

09-20 Celebrate the Equinox!
08-22 Pokémon GO 0.71.0 APK Update
07-23 Pokemon GO Fest: What Happened?
07-23 Lugia and Articuno Raids are Here!
07-20 Legendaries are here in Pokemon GO!
07-19 Pokémon GO Legendaries Update?
07-06 Anniversary Event is Live!
06-20 Gym Update Gameplay Videos
06-20 Pokémon GO updated to version 0.67.1 for Android and 1.37.1 for iOS
06-20 Type Effectiveness Updated
06-19 Gym Update - Everything You Need to Know!
06-08 Celebrating the First Anniversary of Pokémon GO!
06-05 Pokemon GO Version 0.63.4 Update
06-05 Pokemon GO Fire and Ice Event
05-18 How to get the most out of Adventure Week!
05-16 Pokemon GO Adventure Week - Rock Event
05-10 Pokemon GO Version v0.63.1 Update
05-04 Pokemon GO Grass Event
04-21 Update: Wild Pokemon now have different stats based on trainer level
04-13 Pokémon GO Eggstravaganza Event
03-22 Shiny Pokemon are here!
03-22 0.59.1 Pokemon GO Update
02-15 Generation 2 Official Annoucement!
02-08 Valentines Day Event
01-29 Bug Fixes and More Generation 2 Hints
01-25 0.51.2 Patch Notes: Korea Release and Pokemon Bank Update
01-17 Evolution Items, New Moves, Genders and More!
12-30 Winter Event Part 2
12-23 Pokemon GO Holiday Event
12-19 Pokemon GO 0.51.0 Patch Notes
12-14 Pokémon GO now available in South Asia
12-10 Where to buy the Pokemon Go Plus?
12-10 Pokémon GO Plus Guide
12-07 Real 0.49.1 Patch Notes
11-21 Pokemon GO CP Update
11-21 Thanksgiving Event Double XP/Stardust November 23 to 30
11-19 0.47.1 Patch Notes
11-18 Pokémon GO available in eight new countries in the Middle East
11-07 Real 0.45.0 Patch Notes
11-04 Spawn Rate Changes and Eggs Update
11-02 Daily Bonuses are Coming!
10-31 Last Day of Halloween Event Check List
10-24 Halloween Event and the 0.43.3 Patch
10-11 Real 0.41.2 Patch Notes
10-06 Training Update
10-06 Pokemon GO Capture Bonus Medals
10-05 Pokémon GO available in thirty-one new countries!
10-03 Real 0.39.0 Patch Notes
09-12 Pokemon Go Buddy System Released
09-07 John Hanke announces Pokemon Go for Apple Watch
08-20 8/19 New Movesets and Dodge Reduction
08-09 0.33 Updates - New Tracker Mechanics
07-30 July 29 Game Updates/Fixes
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