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Site Updates
05/16Pokemon GO Adventure Week - Rock Event
05/10Pokemon GO Version v0.63.1 Update.
05/04Pokemon GO Grass Event.
04/28A Defender Comparison Using Pareto Frontiers.
04/24Besting the "Big 7" Defenders.
04/21The Best Ways to Beat Down Blissey.
04/20Update: Wild Pokemon now have different stats based on trainer level.
04/12Pokémon GO Eggstravaganza Event.
04/05Making the Generation 2 Attacker Tier List: Methods and Observations.
04/02Gym Attackers Tier List Update.
03/28A Detailed Guide to Pokemon Sorting.
03/23Pokemon moveset grades are complete. Learn more about moveset grades here.
03/22Shiny Pokemon are here!
03/21How to get the most from Pokemon tier lists.
0.59.1 Pokemon GO Update.
03/19IV Calculator, Pokemon/Moves ,and mobile app multi language support completed (8 languages)
Moveset grades for gen 1 and 2 almost completed.
03/10GoDex App Overview.
03/09Added gender ratios list and info to Pokemon pages.
03/08Moveset status to check when moveset ratings are finalized.
Added capture and flee rates table.
Updated highest Pokemon DPS per type list.
03/06Making the Generation 2 Tier Lists: Methods and Observations.
03/05Gym Defenders Tier List Updated.
03/01The gym defenders tier list is almost ready.
02/27Added sorting to Pokemon List.
02/24How Hidden Power Works.
02/23Updated Egg Hatch Chart.
02/22Updated Buddy Pokemon Distances.
Updated Moves Stats.
02/21Fixed a bug with the true DPS of legacy moves.
Move Update: Quick moves are back to their speeds pre-update.
02/20A guide to generation 2 evolutions.
Updated Lapras stats on IV Calculator.
02/18Hidden Power Type Survey
List of Pokemon with legacy moves.
A big thank you to everyone who helped us compile information for Gen 2.
02/17Updated Pokemon Moves for Gen 2
Updated Pokemon pages for Gen 2
Generation 2 Data Collection and Mega Thread.
02/15IV calc updated with Gen 2 stats.
Generation 2 Official Annoucement!
Updated Pokemon List with Gen 2 Pokemon.
02/14Updated IV Hatching Chart.
02/08Valentines Day Event.
01/29Bug Fixes and More Generation 2 Hints.
01/240.51.2 Patch Notes: Korea Release and Pokemon Bank Update.
01/18Added more info to latest patch notes.
01/17 Pokémon GO updated to version 0.53.1 for Android and 1.23.1 for iOS
01/12Pokemon Box Tutorial
01/08Gym Defender Tier List Updated
01/03Max CP for All Pokemon Generations
01/01Pokemon GO 2016 in Review
12/30Winter Event Part 2 is Live!
12/26Added Gym Defender and Gym Attacker tier list explanations. Video coming soon.
12/25Winter Holiday Event Guide!
12/23Pokemon GO Holiday Event is here!
12/190.51.0 Patch Notes
12/14Animated Release Timeline Updated!
Pokémon GO now available in South Asia
12/13Updated Baby Pokemon pages. Adding Gen 2 movesets as they come in.
12/12New Baby Pokemon Released
12/08Added Ditto Calculator
12/05Bubblestrat Update + Bubblestrat Calculator!
12/04Gym Attackers Tier List updates, in-depth descriptions coming soon.
12/01Updated Generation 2 CP List
11/29Updated Highest DPS by Type
11/27Ditto Mechanics: Everything you need to know about Ditto!
11/25Gym Defenders Tier List updates, in-depth descriptions coming soon.
11/24Updated IV hatching chart.
11/23A Bountiful Thanksgiving Event: Double Stardust/XP, Ditto, New Tracker, and more!
11/22Understanding the Pokemon Stats Update.
Initial Metagame-Shift Summary.
IV and CP Calculator updated.
11/21Pokemon GO CP has Changed!
11/17Wild Pokemon Jump & Attack Timing.
11/16How Pokemon from Sun and Moon would be in Pokemon GO.
11/12A Complete Guide to Catch Mechanics
11/09Added Catch Calculator.
11/05Added CP Calculator.
11/04Research confirming Egg IVs are Uniformly Distributed
11/03Spawn Rate Changes and Eggs Update
11/02Daily Bonuses are Coming!
10/31Last Day of Halloween Event Check List
10/28Updated available retailers for the GO+
10/27Added more Pokemon rating explanations.
10/25Halloween Event Strategy Guide
10/24The Grand Unified Catch Theory: Medal Bonus
Halloween Event and the 0.43 Update
10/23The Grand Unified Catch Theory: Berry and Throw
10/22Added descriptions for all Pokemon rated 9 and 9.5.
10/21The Grand Unified Catch Theory: Curveballs
10/20 Pokemon GO Plus Catch Rate by Trainer Level
10/19Wild Pokemon Movesets are Uniformly Distributed
10/18Flee Rate is Based on Base Flee Rate Alone
10/17Level Frequency of 30,000 Wild Pokemon Encounters
10/15You can now add your favorite Pokemon to your GamePress account!
10/12A more Traditional Pokemon Type Advantage Chart
10/11Real 0.41.2 Patch Notes
10/9Graded movesets for all final Pokemon evolutions
10/8Pokemon Pages now available in Traditional and Simplified Chinese
10/7Rural Survival Guide
10/6How to Dodge Effectively
Dodge timing added to Pokemon pages
10/5Animated Timeline of Pokemon GO Releases
10/3Future Generation II Pokemon List
10/1Pokemon Pages now available in French, German, Spanish, and Italian
9/28Pokemon Pages now available in Japanese
9/26Pokemon Moveset Grades
9/24Real 0.39.0 Patch Notes
9/20Pokemon GO Plus Catch Rate
9/16Pokemon GO Plus
9/9Gym Attackers Tier List
9/5Gym Errors and How to Avoid Them
9/3Bubblestrat: Re-Optimized with more possibilities!
9/2More info about the Pokemon Go Buddy system.
8/30Trainer Journals: A view into the minds of GamePress researchers.
8/29Updated IV Calculator
8/27Gym Defenders Tier List Update
8/26Complete Guide to Gym Combat Mechanics
8/25Pokemon Appraisals
8/22The Bubblestrat
8/20Perfect Hatch Graphics
8/16A Complete Guide to Damage Mechanics
8/14Pokemon strengths/weakness chart tool.
New Pokeball throwing technique!
8/11Added Pokestop item drop rates.
8/5True DPS Calculation.
8/3A complete guide to catch mechanics
8/1Optimal movesets explanation
7/30Energy Generated Per Second
7/26Gym Defenders Tier List
7/21Pokemon Max CP List
7/20Min/Max CP added to Pokemon pages
7/19Strongest Pokemon Per Type
7/18How to Have Pikachu as a Starter
7/17Pokemon Stats Advanced
Quick and Charge Move DPS
7/11Pokemon Evolution Requirements

Game News

05-18 How to get the most out of Adventure Week!
05-16 Pokemon GO Adventure Week - Rock Event
05-10 Pokemon GO Version v0.63.1 Update
05-04 Pokemon GO Grass Event
04-21 Update: Wild Pokemon now have different stats based on trainer level
04-13 Pokémon GO Eggstravaganza Event
03-22 Shiny Pokemon are here!
03-22 0.59.1 Pokemon GO Update
02-15 Generation 2 Official Annoucement!
02-08 Valentines Day Event
01-29 Bug Fixes and More Generation 2 Hints
01-25 0.51.2 Patch Notes: Korea Release and Pokemon Bank Update
01-17 Evolution Items, New Moves, Genders and More!
12-30 Winter Event Part 2
12-23 Pokemon GO Holiday Event
12-19 Pokemon GO 0.51.0 Patch Notes
12-14 Pokémon GO now available in South Asia
12-10 Where to buy the Pokemon Go Plus?
12-10 Pokémon GO Plus Guide
12-07 Real 0.49.1 Patch Notes
11-21 Pokemon GO CP Update
11-21 Thanksgiving Event Double XP/Stardust November 23 to 30
11-19 0.47.1 Patch Notes
11-18 Pokémon GO available in eight new countries in the Middle East
11-07 Real 0.45.0 Patch Notes
11-04 Spawn Rate Changes and Eggs Update
11-02 Daily Bonuses are Coming!
10-31 Last Day of Halloween Event Check List
10-24 Halloween Event and the 0.43.3 Patch
10-11 Real 0.41.2 Patch Notes
10-06 Training Update
10-06 Pokemon GO Capture Bonus Medals
10-05 Pokémon GO available in thirty-one new countries!
10-03 Real 0.39.0 Patch Notes
09-12 Pokemon Go Buddy System Released
09-07 John Hanke announces Pokemon Go for Apple Watch
08-20 8/19 New Movesets and Dodge Reduction
08-09 0.33 Updates - New Tracker Mechanics
07-30 July 29 Game Updates/Fixes
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