Comprehensive DPS/TDO Ranking

Comprehensive DPS/TDO Ranking

This is GamePress's complete list of all Pokemon and all movesets and their associated DPS(Damage Per Second) and TDO(Total Damage Output)

The list is sortable by clicking on the double-ended arrows near the name of the categories. To sort by species, fast move, or charged move, you can use the drop-down menus at the bottom of the list. 

To specify DPS and TDO for a specific matchup, select the enemy Pokemon types and weather above the search bar. For an even more detailed sort, try using the search bar. 

Some examples of things you can search for:

  • Pokemon number: dex 1~151
  • Type: normal
    • Monotypes: normal & none
    • Multi-types: normal & flying
    • Other examples: normal & (flying, fairy) 
    • Fast move type: @<f>normal
    • Charged move type: @<c>normal
  • Attack: baseatk 180~200
  • Defense: basedef 180~200
  • GamePress rating: rating 3~5

These searches can be combined with the '&' symbol to create a pinpointed reference for DPS and TDO. 

Example search for all Fire-type Pokemon with STAB movesets.
An example search for all Fire-type Pokemon with a STAB moveset. 
Move Category
Move Name
Move Typing
Duration (in seconds)
Damage Window (in seconds)

Pokemon Name
Pokemon Typing 1
Pokemon Typing 2
Base Attack
Base Defense
Base Stamina
Fast Move Pool
Charged Move Pool

Mod Name Applied

Enemy Species PokeType 1 PokeType 2
Enemy Fast Move Enemy Charged Move
Weather Customization

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