Starter Guide for New Trainers

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So you just started playing Pokémon GO but have trouble finding useful, relevant information for you, eh? That's okay, we've got you covered!

We know there's an abundance of information about the game, be it may be fact, speculation, or even false rumors, so we're here to analyze all of that info and extract out the newest and most important data to give to you.

Niantic Official Tutorial

Pokémon GO is made by the company Niantic, and their support page has a bunch of great information for new trainers!

After you read up on the basics of how to play, be sure to check out the following tips!

You Can Start with Pikachu

There's an easter egg to start with Pikachu rather than Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander like initially prompted.

Your starter doesn't really make a difference at this time, though there might be a slight advantage in taking something other than Pikachu because of the sheer number of candies required to achieve final evolutions.

Don't Power Up

Powering up increases CP, but you will naturally find higher CP Pokémon very rapidly when you level up. Candies are also valuable since they are used for evolutions which grant large amounts of XP, and there are ways to maximize evolution if you are a power player.

Check out the guide on power leveling for more details on candies and evolution strategies.

Hunting Pokémon

Pokémon don't spawn equally everywhere. Populated and well-trafficked locations such as tourist attractions, malls, and cities have way more Pokémon than residential and rural areas.

Next Steps

Go out and play the game! The other guides on this site all have a wealth of useful information, so take it in when you're ready for it.

Aside from guides, we also have a listing of easter eggs, known bugs, and false rumors to help you sift through fact and fiction.

Good luck out there on your Pokémon adventure!

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