What You Should Know to Take Down Armored Mewtwo Later Today

Table of Contents
  • Mewtwo raid guides are available for those who are up for the challenge
  • Psychic-type counters will be available as lower-tier raid bosses

July 10th, 2019 marks the arrival of a brand-new form of the strongest legendary Pokemon from the first generation, Mewtwo. Only this time it is decked out in armor and has new moves and stats!

Armored Mewtwo sports an attack stat that's lower than Aggron's, but a very high defense stat and good moves for counter type coverage, making it a great choice for PvP. 

Players who are picking up the game after a while may also discover that some Pokemon have new moves available! This change has shaken up some of the power rankings so check out our series of articles on it.

Armored Mewtwo's arrival is also in advance of a known special event called the "Team Rocket Invasion". You can find out about it below.