Research Tasks List 1
Notable Tasks
Field Research Tasks
Task Reward
Battle in a Gym 3 times. Pokemon encounter(Jynx)
Battle in a Gym 5 times. 1000 Stardust / 5 Potions / 3 Super Potions / (2 / 4) Revives / 10 Nanab Berries / Pokemon encounter(Machop)
Battle in a Gym. 400 Stardust / 5 Potions / 2 Revives 5 Nanab Berries / Pokemon encounter(Horsea / Mankey)
Battle in a raid. 5 Potions
Catch 10 Pokemon with Weather Boost. 1000 Stardust
Catch 10 Pokemon. 400 Stardust / 5 Poke Balls / 3 Razz Berries / 1 Pinap Berry / Pokemon encounter(Magikarp)
Catch 3 Dragon-type Pokémon. 3 Rare Candies
Catch 3 Electric, Water, or Fire-type Pokemon. Pokemon encounter(Pikachu)
Catch 3 Meowth or Growlithe. Pokemon encounter(Electrike)
Catch 5 Electric-type Pokémon. Pokemon encounter(Mareep)
Catch 5 Pokemon with Weather Boost. 400 Stardust / 1 Pinap Berry / Pokemon encounter(Vulpix / Poliwag)
Catch a Ditto. 4000 Stardust / 3 Rare Candies / 10 Ultra Balls
Catch a Dragon-type Pokemon. 10 Ultra Balls / 2 Golden Razz Berries / (1 / 3) Rare Candy / 3000 Stardust / Pokemon encounter(Dratini)
Catch a Skitty or Poochyena. Pokemon encounter(Snubbull)
Earn a Candy walking with your buddy. Pokemon encounter(Krabby)
Evolve a Fire-type Pokemon. Pokemon encounter(Charmander)
Evolve a Meowth. Pokemon encounter(Houndour)
Evolve a Pokemon. Pokemon encounter(Eevee)
Evolve a Water-type Pokemon. Pokemon encounter(Squirtle)
Hatch 5 Eggs. Pokemon encounter(Chansey)
Hatch an Egg. 400 Stardust / 3 Razz Berry / 5 Poke Balls / Pokemon encounter(Lanturn)
Make 2 Nice Curveball throws in a row. 400 Stardust / 5 Poke Balls / 1 Pinap Berry / 3 Razz Berries
Make 2 Nice throws in a row. 1000 Stardust / 3 Nanab Berries
Make 3 Curveball throws in a row. Pokemon encounter(Spinda)
Make 3 Excellent throws in a row. Pokemon encounter(Larvitar)
Make 3 Great throws in a row. (5 / 10) Ultra Balls / 1 Rare Candy / Pokemon encounter(Onix)
Make 3 Great throws. 400 Stardust / 1 Pinap Berry / 3 Razz Berries / 5 Poke Balls / Pokemon encounter(Gastly)
Make 5 Curveball throws in a row. (1 / 2) Pinap Berries / 6 Nanab Berries / 5 Great Balls
Make 5 Great throws. 5 Razz Berries
Make 5 Nice throws. 5 Poke Balls / 3 Razz Berries / 1 Pinap Berry / 400 Stardust / Pokemon encounter(Voltorb)
Make a Nice Curveball throw. Pokemon encounter(Gastly)
Make an Excellent throw. 1000 Stardust / 5 Great Balls / 2 Ultra Balls / 2 Pinap Berries
Power up a Pokemon 5 times. Pokemon encounter(Bulbasaur / Charmander / Squirtle)
Transfer 10 Pokemon. Pokemon encounter(Misdreavus)
Use 5 Berries to help catch Pokemon. 1000 Stardust / 6 Razz Berries / Pokemon encounter(Girafarig)
Use a Super Effective Charged attack in 5 Gym battles 1x Charged TM
Use a Super Effective Charged attack in 7 Gym battles. 2000 Stardust / 6 Revives / 3 Super Potions / 1 Max Revive / 1 Rare Candy / Pokemon encounter(Electabuzz)
Use a Super Effective Charged attack in a Gym battle. 4 Revives / 3 Super Potions
Win 3 raids. 1 Fast TM
Win a Gym battle. 5 Potions / 4 Revives / Pokemon encounter(Bulbasaur / Charmander / Squirtle)
Win a level 3 or higher raid. 1 Rare Candy / Pokemon encounter(Dratini)
Win a raid. 10 Nanab Berries / 3 Super Potions / 1 Rare Candy
Special Research Tasks

A Mythical Discovery (Part 1 of 8)

Task Reward
Spin 5 PokeStops. 500 XP
Catch 10 Pokemon. 500 XP
Transfer 5 Pokemon. 500 XP
Final Reward
10 Great Balls, 1 Incubator, 3 Lure Modules

A Mythical Discovery (Part 2 of 8)

Task Reward
Earn 2 candies with your buddy 1000 XP
Make 10 Great Throws 1000 XP
Hatch 3 eggs 1000 XP
Final Reward
1000 Stardust, 3 Incense, and 20 Great Balls

A Mythical Discovery (Part 3 of 8)

Task Reward
Reach Level 15 1500 XP
Battle 2 Gyms 1500 XP
Battle 2 Raids 1500 XP
Final Reward
1 Charge TM, 1 Fast TM, 2 Starpieces

A Mythical Discovery (Part 4 of 8)

Task Reward
Earn Silver Kanto Medal 2000 XP
Earn 5 Candies from Buddy 2000 XP
Evolve 20 Pokemon 2000 XP
Final Reward
2000 Dust, 3 Lures, 20 Great Balls

A Mythical Discovery (Part 5 of 8)

Task Reward
Catch a Ditto. 2500 XP
Make 20 Great throws. 2500 XP
Catch 10 Ghost-type Pokemon. 2500 XP
Final Reward
1 Raid Pass, 1 Lucky Egg, 15 Revives

A Mythical Discovery (Part 6 of 8)

Task Reward
Evolve a Magikarp. 3000 XP
Battle 10 raids. 3000 XP
Reach level 25. 3000 XP
Final Reward
4000 Stardust, 5 Rare Candy, 3 Incense

A Mythical Discovery (Part 7 of 8)

Task Reward
Catch 50 Pokemon using a Berry. 3500 XP
Make 1 excellent curve throw. 3500 XP
Gold Kanto badge 3500 XP
Final Reward
Complete Pokemon encounter, 20 Ultra Balls, 8000 Stardust

A Mythical Discovery (Part 8 of 8)

Task Reward
Catch Mew 4000 XP
Final Reward
5,000 Stardust, 1 Super Incubator, 20 Mew Candy
Research Breakthrough
Task Reward
Collect 7 stamps 2000 Stardust, 3 Rare Candies / 20 Poke Balls / 5 Pinap Berries / 5 Ultra Balls, 3000 XP, and Pokemon encounter(Articuno)
Introduction: Research Tasks

DownWithTTP is in love with the task system and has completed around 1250 in the first 6 weeks of availability despite primarily playing in the suburbs. Find out how he has been able to cycle through quests while attempting to maximize the value of each.

We received tasks at the end of March, and it has been one of the best additions to the game so far. Quests give players the opportunity to gain items/encounters while working towards Research Breakthroughs… a Legendary encounter and other rewards too!

Tasks are wonderful if you can use them correctly. For a plus user, any way to get more red balls is welcomed with open arms. For item starved rural players, they offer another way to get potions, revives, balls, and berries. For those who don’t put money in the game, the encounters can almost function like a junior incubator. Most importantly, they offer a fun new dynamic to the game.

This list is of all known Research Tasks available after March 30th. Research Tasks are divided into three categories:

  • Field Research - Single-objective goals such as spinning PokeStops and catching Pokemon that reward items and one "stamp" (1 per day)
  • Special Research - Story based multi-objective goals such as catching and transferring Pokemon that have unknown rewards
  • Research Breakthrough - Rewards based on collecting stamps that reward Stardust, items, and a Pokemon encounter. 

Task Mechanics

A trainer can hold up to 3 tasks at a time. Also, trainers can trash as task if they do not want to try to complete it.

Trainers receive tasks from spinning PokeStops (not gyms). Each Pokestop gives the same task to all trainers during the day. If the reward is an encounter, all trainers receive the same species (though IVs will differ). If you get a task on Monday from a stop and don’t clear it until Tuesday, you will not be able to get a task from that same PokeStop on Tuesday.

Once you receive a task, you will not receive another one from that PokeStop. However, if you delete a task, you can go back to that stop later in the day to get it again.

Tasks give a variety of rewards, often based on the challenge you had to complete. Rewards can be encounters, Stardust, or items such as balls, potions, revives, TMs, and Rare Candy. Generally, more difficult tasks will have higher rewards.

Encounters from tasks are level 15 Pokemon with IVs of at least 10 in all 3 stats. After clearing an encounter task, you will be taken to the encounter. The Pokemon will not be weather boosted regardless of the in-game weather. You can run from the encounter and come back to it in the future.

Once you clear an encounter task, you can immediately collect a new task. Interestingly enough, you can save a large number of encounters! Some trainers do this and choose to catch them during a Lucky Egg or Star Piece session.

Each day when you complete your first task, you receive a Research Stamp. When you have 7 stamps, you will receive a Research Breakthrough.

It appears that tasks and Research Breakthrough encounters will change monthly. There are also special tasks during Community Day, and it appears that tasks will be somehow integrated with Go Fest.

General Tips

  • Special research tasks do not give a daily stamp - only field research does
  • Minimum level for Special Research is level 5
  • Pokemon encounters appear to be at level
  • Many players have a “refill loop” or “grind loop” of stops and gyms in their PoGo lives, often one they hit multiple times each day.. If you have the option, add a second loop. Having multiple loops will greatly increase the number of tasks seen

  • Try to keep one open task so you can always pick a new one up when you visit a Pokestop for the first time in a day.

  • Find a network of players to report tasks, perhaps through your raid chat of choice. You won’t be able to check every stop, so if people call out TM, Rare Candy or Chansey quests it can really help.

  • Some communities have focused on calling out Charmander encounter quests. This is a great way to farm high IV Pokemon before a community day.

  • Some encounters have very large hit-boxes. Save these for when you are working on a 3 excellent or 3 great throw in a row quest.

  • Try not to hold more than 1 long term quest. Remember there is an opportunity cost to holding 3 “Catch a Ditto for 3 Rare Candy” tasks. Obviously the payoff is awesome, but in the meantime you are missing out on so many other potential rewards from other tasks you cannot get.

  • Don’t miss a day of Research Progress. If you don’t think you can play much tomorrow, leave one task unclaimed today. Tomorrow you can wake up, claim the task, and make progress towards your Research Breakthrough.

  • Consider weather, biome, and active events when deciding whether to keep or delete a task. You likely aren’t going to quickly complete the “3 Pidgey or Murkrow” task on a sunny day during a rock event, but you should blow through “catch 5 Pokemon with Weather Boost” on a cloudy day during a fighting event.

  • If you don’t throw excellents well, it’s not the end of the world to toss a task requiring an excellent throw. Holding on to tasks without substantial rewards for a long period of time is a big mistake.

  • In general, take your playstyle into account when deciding to keep or delete a task. Do you battle gyms constantly? Then the Minium task isn’t bad as you will quickly turn it over. Did you already use your raid pass for the day? Then don’t hold on to that “Defeat a level 3 raid for some potions” type tasks. Free to play? Then the hatch 3 eggs” quest is probably an easy one to delete.

  • Have a task that you know you cannot complete quickly at a stop near your house? Well trash that task while you grind. Then as you return home you can grab it later in the day. That way you can cycle through more tasks without it clogging your inventory.

  • Remember that reward encounters and the Research Breakthrough reward have a 0% flee rate. Use pinaps liberally!

  • Keep track of local nests. “Catch 3 Bugs” is much easier when you know there is a Caterpie nest a couple blocks away.