What Zapdos is good for apart from the obvious?

I'll power my team bird anyway. Just want to see what it's good for apart from gyarados and vaporeon and water mons. What else?

Asked by chameleongohk11 months ago


Pidgeot with any
Dragonite with SW and/or Hurricane
Crobat with any
Lugia with any
Ho-oh with any

I just never did anything with Jolteon nor Flareon. I was always playing catchup for the old gym system and they wouldn't get me high up one. Plus these legendary birds have higher IVs than my top eevee evolutions***If you have considerable rare candy, worth powering. I'm storing a bunch in them already and have 120 more taking up bag space

Zapdos has a very high attack stat, plus there electric isn't resisted by many meta-relevant types. So, he is a pretty good generalist attacker, and a counter for many a fiewlegendary raid bosses