What team is better? Am i doing right?

Hello, i'm a "good" player but reading your answers in this site i was thinking "wow i need their advices and help".
I'm on level 33 and , in my opinion, i have a good team.
But i think that every team can be improved.
I have:
Dragonite 15/14/14 with Dragon Tail/Outrage
Snorlax 15/14/15 with L/HB
5 Gyarados 91% 93% 95% 100%(Bite/HP) 100%(DT/O)
Tyranitar 14/14/13 with Iron tail/Crunch (is good?)

Is a good team? Or i need better? Like Machamp/Blissey/Lapras/Vaporeon?
Thank you, good morning

Asked by emmeizar1 year 1 month ago


by JHVS 1 year 1 month ago

Your team is absolutely terrific. You will hear a rather skewed view of strength here since I would wager most who post are understandably hardcore.

If what you list is your main team then I imagine there isn't much you cannot do in this game right now depending on what your area is like competitively.

Adding a few other high level mons is always good too. A Lapras makes life much easier for dealing with all of the Dragonites most of us face.

Machamp can really drop the hammer on lots of defenders that most of us see in gyms.

Even for hardcore players... his mons are good enough. Those are elite mons with elite IVs and good movesets on top of that too... I wonder if he really need our advice or just showing off. LOL joke, pls don't get angry op :)

You mean Line up? For attack or Defense....?
Well your current team is an attacker list i guess.... and they are good too...
Sometimes if you got bored try some good pokes... Then enjoy the game...

It is a generalist's team. It should work fine for almost all gyms.
I have some specialists too, as jolteon, exeggutor, vaporeon, flareon, lapras, venussaur, machamp.

Maybe i am a bit faster when actually fighting, but you are faster when selecting your team. :-)

If you want to improve your generalists team, look out for a Blissey.

How is Vaporeon a specialist? Mine can take down Snorlaxes with 40% higher CP and does so more often than attacking Rhydon, Tyranitar or fire-type defenders.

Vaporeon is the best attacker into rhydon and fire-type defenders with type advantage - this way i regard it as a specialist and would prefer it for these matchups.

Yes, indeed, it can be used as a generalist attacker too, it has elite stats and only stab-movesets.
It is resisted by gyarados, dragonite and vaporeon, so i see a slight (ignorable) restriction to its general usability.

Well, your dragonite and snorlax are boss. There's no improving from those two.

Gyarados is good. It wins neutral battles faster than vaporeon, just with less health remaining.

Tyranitar, Iron tail is not so good for attack. You may want to re-roll for a bite one.

Your team (presumably for attacking) is excellent and any player will be happy to have your attacking lineup.

The only possible weak link is your lack of a Tyranitar with either Bite/SE or Bite/Crunch.

There are also great attackers/specialists that can improve your team even further and you can look into catching/hatching/evolving some/all of the following:

  1. DT/H Dragonite
  2. Hydropump Vaporeon
  3. Bullet Seed/Solar Beam Exeggcutor
  4. Fire Spin/Overheat Flareon
  5. Thunderbolt/Discharge Jolteon

Good luck!

Tyranitar isn't good? Is better don't power up ?
I have also another pokemon with great IVs.
Vaporeon with best defensive moveset 98%
Exeggutor ZH/SoB 91%
Two Rhydon 91% 93&
Dragonite 93% Steel Wing/ Outrage
Gengar 98%
Cloyster 100%
Venusaur 100%
Blissey 91% with DB
Espeon 91% C/FuS

What do you think? I can power up one of these? Or you can help me with another pokemon?

In regards to Tyranitar, it's a defensive moveset. It's a fine defensive moveset imo and if CP is costing you gym collections you can do it. For me (and maybe most) the quest for Tyranitar is for the B/SE or B/C moveset as an attacker.

"Vaporeon with best defensive moveset 98%" - if that is Aqua tail, then power up, is is also best move for dodge all scenario and close to HP Vap if you only dodge charge moves.
Exe - power up, I think will outperform your Gyarados on some fights (I don't have a SoB Exe, I only imagine comparing with my Psychic ones)
SW/O Dragonite - I have one, I like it from the few battles I did. Worth powering up for gym placement anyway
Espeon - very fast kills
What move is DB for Blissey?
The rest depends on moves;

by pipjay 1 year 1 month ago

Do you only fight gyms by yourself? If you fight with other players occasionally, then adding in some pokemon with multi-bar charge moves can help. Multi-bar charge moves can be used sooner/more frequently and waste less energy/damage which are both really helpful when fighting with teammates because fights are faster and shorter.

I really like:
Vaporeon with Aqua Tail
-I have three now powered up higher than my highest Hydro Pump Vaporeon and a forth that I am considering since I use them for both offense and defense. Great against Rhydon and Tyranitar.

Exeggutor with Confusion/Seedbomb
-My old reliable defender that sadly never places high enough in gyms near me anymore but is a great generalist, albiet a bit difficult to dodge with. Extrasensory or Bullet Seed would be a bit easier to dodge with and Bullet Seed would give a double grass moveset that could be used against Vaporeon. Solarbeam deals more damage, but has a lot of potential for wasting some of that damage against any opponent other than Snorlax or Blissey.

Gyarados with Bite/Outrage
-My frequent go to now against Dragonites because it takes so long to scroll down to Lapras.

Team is awful. Probably best that you transfer them all for the candies and start fresh. That way your new pokemon wont be corrupted by how bad your old ones are