Voltorb question

Having caught a perfect Voltorb in 2016 and another one in queue of encounters, together with two other encountered from "Make 5 nice throws" with iv 98 and 96, I'm asking if there's any future meta relevance. Like Magnemite considered as trash in Gen 1 but becoming relevant in Gen 4 with 3rd evolution into Magnezone, if there's any future evolution of Voltorb. if not, I'm assuming I can just let Professor Willow keep the 96 and 98 for me.

Asked by ghao891 week 3 days ago


No they get no further evolutions. I have 2 perfects from research myself and I'm debating over just keeping one

I'm kind of OCD keeping stuff. Many trash mons with good iv are still stored in my bag. Gonna at least keep the perfect ones.

by hkn 1 week 3 days ago

Imagine if Selfdestruct was implemented in PoGo (and PvP).

What about Explosion?! 250 attack... it would be cool to have everyone start a raid with 6 Voltorb/Electorb and just blow them up and see how quick you can take down a raid.

by B00ny 1 week 3 days ago

Voltorb is useless and with 100% IV its just 100% useless :P In my opinion theres no need to keep them at all...