So I finally get an Ex-raid invite again after thoroughly doing our eligible gym during lunch breaks. And what does Niantic in its amazingly moronic wisdom decide would be a good time? Half past one on a Sunday!!! WHAT ARE THEY THINKING? Are they even thinking AT ALL??!! #*$%§&!! Now I have to drive all through town to my workplace, just so that I can do one measly raid. Assuming there will be even enough participants, as nobody lives in the whole area and noone will be working there on weekend! F**ge! HEY Niantic: Please realize already that the only decent time for Ex-Raids is during working hours! Its bad enough that you guys stole two years of my life forcing me to play this totally dull game. But if you now start giving me rewards at odd times, I will totally stop not spending money on your game! Like, next year at the latest, fo'realz! Yo!

Please do not take any of the above seriously.

Asked by Dr. T4 months 1 week ago


I know you're joking but some people have dozens of Mewtwos while others have 0. Really not sure why the EX pass lottery is still a thing when Special Research exists.

Please do take the above seriously ^^^


by TTT 4 months 1 week ago

It's funny, I raid downtown during the week and uptown where I live on weekends.

I never got a downtown ex raid for the duration of weekday ex raids. Always uptown.

First time it's on the weekend? Get my first downtown invite. Annoying to say the least.


Yeah, I agree, weekday Ex raids were good because you always knew people woul dbe there, kids were out for summer and people could take off work, but on weekends people are busy with family stuff, I got an invite to an EX raid I cant even go to because its during when im driving back to college.


I got one from Articuno Day for when I would be in a different country for a few weeks. I think that left me 7/10 on attendance.


I Agree,

Everyone is off work Monday through Friday and have nothing going on it would be perfect if Niantic would do raids then. People are Busy on Saturday we work for 18 hours with no lunch break. Sunday we praise Gods glory all day how does Niantic not understand this?


I think it's because Niantic are made up of Orthodox Scientologicalists - have you seen their Calendar? They have 8 days in the week for 2 weeks of the month, then 7 days for one week and 11 days for the 4th week. This means that they have 11 months in their year instead of 12... but somehow have 9 full extra days!

So to make up for those extra days, Orthodox Scientologicals remove 9 days from their calendar; those are days of Celebration, and Niantic uses those days as days of rest before they release game-changing updates to Pokémon Go. (They learned that if they release them ON the days of Celebration, things mess up - this is what happened for the 2017 Go Fest. It was released on a day of Celebration, and you remember all the troubles THAT event had...)


Well what makes sense is that Niantic has a public will, I am sure, be interested in knowing just how most of their shop items that sell from ten to twenty dollars are, not written, but manufactured. There is usually one man who is as resourceful as a Balzac so far as ideas and plots for lore and money grabs are concerned. He can not, though, develop them all, so he employs with Niantics blessing a number of people who write for him. I know of one man who has a contract to furnish his lore each year with twenty five ideas on the way. Another man came up with over 50 ideas for shop items. By such methods from year to year the popular game kept going, the manager of the these men being able to publish these ideas into the game demand any kind of day for ex raid but declined. This is way ex raids are on wack days.


by loch90 4 months 1 week ago

I wish ex pass doesn't expire just the other 2 passes, and it doesn't tag to a specific gym. You can run around and earn and accumulate these ex pass, and use it on any other ex raid gym anywhere as so long as you know where to go.