Soloing Machamp

So i am level 30 now and I created a team to solo machamp but no machamp is popping up in my I was wondering if this team was good enough.

Note: All pokemon are level 31.
Espeon: 88.9% - 2577 - Zen Headbutt, Future Sight
Espeon: 84.4% - 2554 - Zen Headbutt, Psychic
Alakazam: 91.1% - 2489 - Confusion, Future Sight
Exeggutor: 82.2% - 2481 - Extrasensory, Solar Beam
Exeggutor: 93.3% - 2523 - Extrasensory, Solar Beam
Ho-Oh: 88.9% - 3348 - Extrasensory, Brave Bird

Asked by LAVAFOREVA9 months ago


What you need is a good Gardevoir with Confusion / Dazzling gleam. :)

assuming Machamp doesn't have steel moves of course, otherwise Gardevoir might go from hero to zero.

No one "needs" a Gardevoir to solo Machamp. It's a great Pokemon for sure but Machamp has lots of alternative counters if you don't have a specific Pokemon.

His team is already fine against a fighting moveset Machamp. If there's any issues with winning the raid it's probably going to be against Machamp with Heavy Slam and adding Gardevoir to the team would make it worse.

Espeon: only future sight. No psychic please...

Exeg may be better with pyschic but I haven't tested it myself.

Psychic is fine. It's obviously worse than Future Sight but there are other things that can impact your damage output such as dodging specials or dodging efficiently, using as few swipes as possible and getting as many attacks in before dodging, and you can work upon those aspects without spending any in-game resources.

If he's doing everything right and still unable to solo Machamp, and moveset is the only thing left that can be improved upon, then consider TMing it.

Espeon's DPS against Machamp is so high that it's fine with any moveset. Obviously having the best one makes it easier, but you can solo Machamp with ZH/PB Espeons and have 10 seconds left on the clock.

The weather here in Texas is mostly clear/sunny (last couple days have been rainy) so I thought solar beam would do better for me

Psychic and Solar Beam are already close to each other according to simulations. With clear/sunny Solar Beam should easily be the better one of them against Machamp.

Do you have a Lugia? She's so good against Machamp. I would start with your 91% Alakazam, then Ho-oh, then FS Espeon and take Lugia. That should be enough if you can't do it with this team. Exeggutor is a net negative and won't get you ahead of the clock. The main point is to get 2 FS off with each Zam/Espeon. Dodging is essential. With Lugia this gets a whole lot easier.

I wish I got Lugia as its one of my favorite legendaries but I wasn't on discord or anything at the time so I missed out on it. Otherwise, I would have powered that bad boy up. The weather in my area is usually clear/sunny so I thought solar beam may be a good idea(Plus gamepress says solar beam is good against machamp).

Psychic on Exeggutor is usually better, but Solar Beam puts out so much damage that it's still good enough, and that's without weather bonus.

With clear weather bonus, Solar Beam pulls ahead of Psychic.

I have a couple of Confusion/Solar Beam eggies that destroy machamp in the sun. I had like 60 seconds left.

Your team definitely should be good for close combat machamp. For other moves you will have to get good on dodging with the glass cannons. I would say your goal is to get at least 3 FS total from the Espeon and zam, and 2 SoB from each eggy. One obvious change I would do is tm ZH to confusion,and maybe PC on the zam for better dodging.

Should be fine but you could have difficulty with Heavy Slam as you'll need to dodge and your glass cannons all have quite slow quick moves.

If just one of them faints before getting off a charge move off you might want to consider restarting. Not saying you can't do it, but if it does happen you've got much less room for error afterwards.

Exeggutors are fine, ES/So just about gets it done in time in theory. Doesn't carry the team but it still pulls it's own weight.

Solar Exeggutors are usually seen as something to use when you don't have better counters, but a sunny/clear weather boost will give you a huge increase in damage, they're actually better than Exeggutors with Psychic in this case.

If you're getting really close but still unable to win, consider powering up your Pokemon to their next quick move breakpoints.

What you also could do now if you only lvl30 is to catch some lvl34-35 abras, eevee and eggs, if you have proper weather, of course.

Have soloed DP Machamp (took 3 tries) with a weaker team of 2 Zams and 4 Eggy pre-weather boost. One zam was only 2100 CP, Eggy at 2100 and 2200. Had to be very good with dodging. If you’re in the sun/clear you should be able to do it with your team no problem.