Second mewtwo uses

So we all know mewtwo is great, and more of a good thing is just a plus, but for those of you who have multiple, what movesets do you have?

My first is PC/SB, and im leaning on going for the same moveset on the second if I catch it.

Psychic is a very common legendary typing and that helps SB a lot. FB seems to perform behind dedicated fighting types, and the Psychic charge moves makes mewtwo the best at that role, but to what end?

What do you guys think?

Asked by edensiris4 months 3 weeks ago


I've had C/P, PC/P and now PC/SB on my sole Mewtwo
I think I actually used Mewtwo as a pure Psychic attacker more than as a Ghost attacker but I think his Shadow Ball will be more useful to me in the future


I've used PC/P, C/P, C/SB, and now PC/SB. I prefer the last one due to PC's ease of dodging and quicker energy build up since I normally throw it against targets weak to ghost more than I do targets weak to psychic. Confusion hits hard, but it just sucks to dodge way too much. Psychic is more of a specialist role that I've found Shadow Ball works just as well at.


FB Mewtwo is slower than Machamp at countering normals, but it's a fair bit tankier as well. Can be a better choice if you often find yourself low on potions, but the slow charge move makes dodging DGs hard. Just to throw that out there. Some people seem to prefer it.

I've been thinking of powering up a second Mewtwo and I'm also leaning towards another one with SB.


I have 3 all with PC/SB at lv 40, 37, 35

I just use it for Mewtwo counter at the moment. Before that i use it as backup team for the Lati duo


I have a Con/SB I use regularly as a raid generalist. PC/FB for gyms vs Blisseys/Snorlax & I powered another 2 Con/Psychic I use in lvl3 raids vs Machamp & Gengar. I have a couple more I haven't worked on as I feel I don't need anymore but may do a PC/SB if I get a high enough IV one in the future.


by pipjay 4 months 3 weeks ago

First came with Focus Blast, tried out both fast moves before deciding I preferred C/FB.

Second came with Shadow Ball. I tried both fast moves and decided on C/SB to make it a little stronger against Machamp raids.

After Kanto and fighting events when I had several more high level Machamps, I decided to try to change my first to Psychic. Charge TMs gave me Hyper Beam -> Focus Blast -> Shadow Ball and I decided to settle there. I used a fast TM for PC/SB to use against psychic-type raids.



PC/ShB; PC/ShB; PC/ShB; C/Psy; C/Psy; level 20; level 20. Caught 14 and just one was above 2240 (2252). Saying you might power up a second one, well, I'd wait til you get it then decide bc I've gotten several under 2200.


Also what is a shiny Kyogre...I went 0/27 and outta town tomorrow. Today I went to raid with the easy part of town (really only 4 miles the opposite way) caught 4/4...all full lobbies, 2 of those 4 filled up with two private lobbies.

Normally I'm an organizer at my less busy area, we still have the same number of EX gyms as that more popular area is not near the major interstate. In 2018 every time I've raided at a gym that got an EX raid I've been selected. Total Either got 20 or 21 EX invites (2 were in 2017)...attended 2/3rds of them.


I have two (hopefully 3 after next Weds). PC/SB for general use, and C/P as a psychic powerhouse. The PC/SB is a great generalist, good against everything except Normal.

I love my C/P Mewtwo for Machamp raids. Only powered up to level 30 (IVs are average), but definitely hits hard and puts me way ahead of the clock. I think a decent level player can solo Machamp with C/P Mewtwo and either a Lugia or Ho-Oh, and nothing else.

Not a huge fan of FB or HB, although I'm sure plenty of people will say how good FB is for cleaning gyms. Machamp seems to do that just fine for me.


PC/SB x 2, C/FB, C/SB, C/HB, and then a 6th with PC/FB I let the professor have.

The only one I've really bothered with is one of the PC/SB as an aid for Machamp solos. He's 14/15/10 and level 29.5. Have a weather boosted 12/12/10 at 25 and a 15/14/15 at 22 but I've yet to use them.