Question for scholars.

Of the extended Pokemon Movepool,

which Ground moves could become Charge moves, and potentially revitalize a downtrodden type (with the sole exception of Groudon, and only if you stick to your principles and ignore Solar Beam)?

For instance, hypothetically we get a Rhyhorn community day where we get a stronger exclusive Ground Charge Move.

Asked by Motenai4 weeks 2 days ago


The thing is, most damaging Ground moves are already in the game. The ones missing are Earth Power, Magnitude, Bonemerang, Bone Rush, Stomping Tantrum, Fissure, Thousand Arrows, Thousand Waves, Land‘s Wrath and High Horswpower. 5 of those are signature moves, so they aren‘t likely to get in the game (although Groudon‘s Precipide Blades seems to be in the game files, but who knows when we get that). Fissure is an OHKO move, so it likely won‘t get in either. High Horsepower is learnt by only 8 Pokemon, so also unlikely. Magnitude could make it, but I don‘t think it will, as itms feature in the main games is that its power varies each time used. The only viable ones would be Earth Power and Stomping Tantrum, as both are learnt by quite a number of Pokemon (including move tutor) and could be viable 2-bar moves in my opinion. Although, Rhyperior would already be good if they gave it Drill Run I guess

Earth Power and Stomping Tantrum really need to be added with decent distribution. Dig and Drill Run are the only two-bar moves with passable DPS*DPE. The former has terrible distribution and an awful 4 second cool down and the latter manages to have even worse distribution. Here's hoping Rhypherior gets Drill Run.

Incredibly unlikely, Marowak's attack stat is the second lowest of all fully evolved ground types. Unless Bonemerang turns out to be pants-shittingly broken or something.

I love Earth Power in the main series, I really hope it gets put in and has its trademark 90 base power as a two bar move. Honestly I really want to use somebody like Nidoking even though he doesn’t have a ground fast move. Either way if it had close stats to that it could make ground almost instantly viable. The only Pokémon in the future gens who couldn’t use and abused is Excadrill but he can learn the solid Drill Run anyway. Landorus could be a monster with a hypothetical Earth Power

Mud-Slap is the most used Ground fast move in GO; it originally has 20 power and lowers accuracy. Magnitude should have been added as a fast move long ago, estimating a damage of 11 if made to gain higher energy than Mud-Slap or 30 if not. Or better yet, they could just stop being pathetic and make it vary its damage.

A fast move with base 30 damage? That would either be a) stupidly broken, or b) given the Volt Switch treatment with a slow ass cooldown. When's the last time Volt Switch was recommended for offense?

Sadly, I dont think it will happen, which makes me loose hope in garchomp being the only other good ground type attacker and have it be relegated to another dragon type

Are you mad? A Garchomp with Mud Shot/Earthquake has about the same DPS as Groudon AND higher TDO against electic types since it triply resists them thanks to its dragon typing. Regardless of if you use it for dragon type offense of ground type offense it will completely slay. I can already see it being the go-to attacker against a theoretical dual-electric Zekrom raid.

Drill Run currently in the game by the numbers is stronger than Earthquake, but Niantic didn't give it to any worthwhile ground pokemon. Rhydon would be stronger and Nidoking could be a fun alternative ground attacker.