Q on pokebattler

When I run a battle simulator between a L28.5 At10 Tyn against Mewtwo L40, it shows "Win" time 21.3 sec. On the right hand corner, it shows Power 256.9%, Overall 193.2% and Potion 3.15.

Some please explain what these numbers represent. Thank you.

Asked by donguding10 months ago


Im using gengar as an example because it is has some extreme values.

Time to win:
If you had infinite number of this specific pokemon with the same stat (lvl 28,5 tyranitar) this is the time it would take to win against mewtwo. The number of deaths indicate how many pokemon you would need.

Gengar that has a very high DPS and thus has very low time to win. however, it has a short durability and thus has a high death rate.

Power shows how much damage (measured as a percentage of the raid-boss health) a pokemon will do before fainting.

Although gengar has a high DPS rate it will go down fast and this gives it a low power value since the total damage is low.

Number of basic potions it would take to heal plus 5 for each time the pokemon feinted and would need a revive. don't bother with this.

Also to consider:
attack style:
Dodge special=wait to fire a charge move until you've dodged the boss charge move.
Dodge special pro: fire charge move as soon as you can and try dodging charge moves.

realistic: ''50% success rate for a fast 1 second move to 90% success rate for a slow 3.5s move''
realistic pro: ''Dodges vary from 70% success rate for a fast 1 second move to 90% success rate for a slow 3.5s move. In addition, if the attacker is using either super effective or not effective attacks, there is an additional 10% penalty to dodging, dropping the success rate to 63.0% to 81.0%. Finally a small bonus for faster attack moves is added based on how much faster the move is than the dodge flash''