Powering up vaporeon past level 30

Is it worth it or a waste of dust ? I read an article that explain vaporeon will remain the strongest non legendary water type for a long time. But who knows niantic may do the right thing at some point and nerf vaporeon or maybe buff suicune or others water type. It would really piss me off to invest a lot of dust into it for nothing just like I invested a lot of dust into blissey and snorlax just before the gym rework and now I never place them in gyms anymore.

If it's worth it what minimum iv ?
My strongest hydropump vaporeon is only 84%. It maxes out at 3047 vs 3112 for a perfect one. My second best is 82% but with 15att. I ran some sims on pokebattler and the difference with 15/15/15 is absurdly small in terms of damage done, damage taken... even smaller than differences between Dnites (I did a lot a Dnites comparisons)
But then also the difference between a level 39 and a level 30 is not that big especially considering all the dust that could also be used to power 2 mons from 20 to 30.

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I remain in the phase where I pretty much only power up to L30. Pre gym rework it made great sense to max out your best mons. In the raid meta it makes much better sense to have a LOT of quality attackers so you can assemble high quality raid teams for anything (sometimes with a high quality second selection as well).

Of course, once you've reached that point, then feel free to max out. I probably wouldn't look to Vaporeon first though. A nerf in the future wouldn't shock me one bit.

No. Vaporeon doesn't seem to excel in any raid, although it is a good choice most of the time. In the raid meta there doesn't seem to be a place of 'tanky' attackers who just fall shy a bit on attack stat- see why it is inadvisable to use Lugia on offense, Vaporeon is not much better.

Fire types: Golem wins (bonus of tanking WC arcanine) by sheer DPS, can't solo Flareon with Vapes and an Arcanine solo is very borderline (but comfortable with maxed golems)

Fire/Flying: Golem definitely wins

Vaporeon is good vs Rhydon but if you're feeling yolo betting its not megahorn...Exeggutor out DPS it as well...

Well, i have like 6 Vaporeons level 30 which i never powered up, all evolved from level 30 wild Eevees with 60~84.4% ivs and different movesets. I still maxing out my 93.3% WG/HP cuz i like him and want to add it to my 3k elite fleet (2958CP level 36.5 atm). I just do it for fun, i know about breakpoints and double stardust cost after LVL 30, but i play this game firstly to have fun.

Well....if u wanna check out the performance of a lvl 30 vape vs lvl 37 vape on a maxed out lvl 40 Blissey, here's a video ( ), albeit that's before the gym rework.

Unless u r flooding with stardusts, u might wanna save some for other options 1st.

Nonetheless, I've also powered that vape to lvl 39, and here's a comparison against some other mons which I've maxed out to lvl 39 too ( )

Hey man I love your channel keep up the good work !
I had seen the 2nd vid already but not the 1st one ty.
Yea the difference is so small. But if I had a 100% iv I probably wouldn't be able to resist the temptation to power him up.
Please do more of these, level or iv's comparison vids.