Powering Mewtwo vs Almost Perfect Groudoun vs Perfect Kyogre?

Hello guys, I need your advice about this powering stuff with my limited stardusts.

Trainer Levels: 25
Stardusts: 149.000
Rare Candies: 87

Mewtwo CP2246 91% 11-15-15 CfSB
Mewtwo CP2248 88% 15-15-10 CfFB
Groudoun CP2903 97% 15-14-15 MSSB
Kyogre CP2910 100% 15-15-15 WfTd

I don't know why, this temporary also my second account seems very lucky than my first at 39 levels and still no ex-raid invitation. lol

Asked by hilmanefef10 months ago


Come on dude, It's just a game. And also I'm almost hardcore and legit player since this game release.

Done almost 500 raid, level 39 still no fvking ex-raid pass, even spending money in game?


Don't judge him, you don't know why he's doing that, if he lives in a rural area, having multiple accounts isn't a bad thing if you ask me, it's pretty hard to organize Raids, if you have like 5-10 players in your town


Kyogre for sure. It's the best legendary right now and it's comparable with Mewtwo, with the former having better duel-ability and the latter having higher DPS. But yours is perfect. I would power the 88% Mewtwo next, but I would first max Kyogre.

Don't even change the moveset yet. Use Thunder to destroy other Kyogres, especially the dreaded Blizzard Kyogre!


Damn, Kyogre just came, and you already got yourself one with perfect IVs? Looks like you'll be relaxing for the next month. :]


I guess so.
But my 39 levels already did 7 kyogre raid since its released, and all of them flew awya.
And this bastard account tried raiding kyogre at the first and boom, got boosted perfect kyogre on second ball.


I think I'd pick the 15-15-10 Mewtwo. It's similar to the one I have (though I have Psycho Cut as fast move) and since taking it to lvl 40 I've used it alot. Really strong Pokemon.

The other one you have has slightly better IV, but I think I'd prefer the one with 15 in attack, even if I don't think it'll make much (if any) difference at lvl 40.

Both Groudon and Kyogre are great Pokemon, but it seems like both was boosted when you caught them, so they are already at an okay level.


We both have the same mewtwo 15/15/10 89iv 2248 cp WOW.I'd power mewtwo over other choices that you have coz it HIM right?Kyogre the best water type but we all have many water types on our list(?)


With that resources i would power up groudon and kyogre to next fast move breakpoint (or not if its already has), then test it to see how it goes. If it need another power up or enough for now.
As for mewto, i will power it up bit by bit (i am doing it once a day) till max out