Powering up mediocre mons because they are shiny?

So after some serious grinding I finally managed to reach 1 million dust. I have pretty much everything that is needed in todays meta, so started powering up some fun mons like my 100% Lapras from field research and my 98% Entei, that are useful, but not a must.
Additionally I have two amazing IV shinys, a 15-14-15 Aerodactyl and a 15-14-13 Absol, Im super happy about them. I do see some use for Absol, as I have only 3 Ttars, one Gengar and Mewtwo each powered, so it could find a place in my Psycho-raid squad. Aerodactyl only has double steel as a usable set so far vs fairy types, but its not like they reign the meta with the exception of Guardevoir. Also there are no raids I can think of that make this set viable.
Plus, its an enormous amount of dust to max out both, about 500k.
How do you guys handle it? Do you may out semigood mons if they are shiny?

Asked by Ripperli4 months 3 weeks ago


If you want to power them up just to show off in gyms, maybe just take them up to level 30.


Reason for doing it:
* Shiny Pokemon are always nice and if their IVs are great, then it's a nice little trophy to have.
* Neither Aerodactyl or Absol are completely useless and if you really need one for a squad, then I guess there are worse(?) Pokemon out there.
* We are most likely going to get another bonus Stardust event later this summer. So you will be able to get some more.

Reason for NOT doing it:
* Neither Aerodactyl or Absol are great Pokemon. I am sure you can find a better one to put in your Psycho-raid squad.
* Shiny is nice, but it doesn't make them better.
* Trading is coming and will cost Stardust.
* Gen4 will be out in a few months (probably) and from what I can tell there will be some rather interesting Pokemon coming that might be worth spending some dust on.

Might be some more points that I can't think of at this moment (it's past two in the morning and I'm tired).

Also, I am notoriously stingy when it comes to Stardust (I haven't spent any in like seven months), so I might not be the most unbiased person to comment on how to spend Stardust ;)


Personally considering I love Absol and actually find useful, I don’t need it at all but I still put in my gengar Alakazam squads for unique 6 I would without hesitation max out that shiny Absol!


I caught a low-leveled shiny Charmander that was A-D-S 14-0-1 or something. Got that BB and powered it up to level 30 for fun.


I powered up a Pidgeot that was my very first 100% just because I was so proud of it at the time. Hopefully I can give him the Mega Pidgeot treatment someday soon


I've made it a point to power up at least one shiny every Community Day. My Ampharos is only 60%, my Charizard is 64%, and my Dragonite and Tyranitar are 77%. I was lucky to get an 87% shiny Venusaur.

No regrets so far, their CP is only 100 lower than a 90+% IV at most. Makes little difference, especially if I place them in gyms.

I'm currently working on powering up a shiny Shellder that I caught a few days ago. It's 14/15/14 95% (my only 90+% shiny up until now) so it's definitely worth it.

Edit: Just realised that I misread your question. Do power up your Absol, since it's usable in certain matchups. I wouldn't bother with Aerodactyl.


I've been slowly powering up non-relevant 100s (including an Aerodactyl) just because. Like you i have most meta- relevant high level guys so I'm spending dust on other fun projects to keep the game amusing.