Pokestop is gone!

Today I noticed that one pokestop in nearby location is gone now. Is there a pokestop location rework?

Asked by tarya5 months 1 week ago


Pokestops can get removed at any time if an Ingress player reports them for a reason such as being on kindergarten/primary school grounds, not having safe pedestrian access, the POI not existing anymore etc. The stop could also have been moved, have you checked for that?

We had a gym on the Arch of Triumph in Bucharest, and it's gone for some time. I guess "not having safe pedestrian access" was the reason there.
And then there's the Orange Bicycle gym... the item the gym refers to has disappeared. I wonder if that gym will remain now.

There is a risk that the gym disappears if a player reports it as not existing anymore. If no one reports it, it'll stay indefinitely, it's not like Niantic can automatically detect that the item isn't there anymore.

Thank you.
Last year this stop's monument was removed and in a while a picture changed as well, showing blank wall. May be that was a reason.