Pokemon Go Plus question

I know this device has been out for about 8-9 months now but i was just wondering, my girlfriend feels like this device would help her with the game more. I am skeptical. so if any Pokemon Go plus users could help out with giving your experience and answering this one simple question, Does it track movement? Both for Buddy and Egg, and if so how well? Thank you ahead of time!

Asked by snorlaxn7510 months 1 week ago


I have a busy morning getting a toddler going (dressed/eat breakfast) so I'll be brief. There are many situations Go Plus is awesome, can collect stardust quick, especially since more balls are dropping. Can drive or be on public transportation and click the blue button when it occasionally picks up a pokestop on the move. Just needs a little attention to stay connected, If it falls off, just unpair it in the app, close app and pair again. Takes 30 seconds

Right now i actually just use an Apple Watch.... only tracks movement. But $35 is not to bad for some better convenience. Thank you for taking the time, good luck this morning.

Does it track movement? Both for Buddy and Egg, and if so how well?

It does not track movement itself, but it makes the PoGo-App track movement even if the screen is off. So you can turn off your screen, put your phone into your pocket and your distance is still tracked.

Since i have this device, eggs breed faster and buddys find their candy faster too.

ok, so basically for like an android. Just have the app open and lock the screen and it would count your movement toward the eggs and buddy candies?

Yes. Also have the app in the background while typing or reading on pokemon BBs and collect distance at the same time. Green button flashes, try to catch pokemon. Blue light flashes collect pokestop. Rainbow flash means either has been successful. If you are eating or at work or embarrassed to reveal you're playing pokemon, feel the plus the button.

As a "new" Go Plus user (got it from a gift a week ago) this are my list of pros and cons about it:

(+) A good battery saver (you can catch, collect and track distance with your phone locked). Find this very useful when I am driving, on a public transport or riding bike.

(+) Dust generator, without a doubt the main reason I was happy to get it know, dust is more difficult to get those days so being able to catch mon even while doing other things makes your dust number increase without even noticing, my dust has more than doubled per day.

(+) You can find it at better prices now than at the beggining (have seen some places that send it from Asia for 24€, brand new)

(+) You can decide if you want to use just to fill your bag, to catch mon or both (change from settings)

(-) It keeps unparing at least for me, it is very frustrating, sometimes it last 30 mins, other times 45 mins, other times in just two catches I have to relaunch the app or reset the connection, which makes me mad and kills one of the better points of playing with the phone locked on the background...

(-) You can't decide to use berries or better balls, just a regular pokeball, so don't expect your catches to be more than 30-40% of the mon you actually attemp to catch, sometimes I have get even a streak of 10+ fail attempts.

(-) Non chargable battery, for me this is a negative point, having to buy batteries, open the device and change them is losing time for me, even "illegal" copies of the PoGO + have the functionality of being rechargable via USB or charger.

Overall if you find it for a good price is not a bad adquisition, but I personally would never spend something like 40-50€ for it (won't even talk about some prices I saw the first months online, 90-100€ lol). 20-25€ seems more reasonable because it has a LOT of flaws, issues and bugs and it seems like an incomplete product (what a surprise, like the game itself).

Anyway, if you are in a point of the game where you care more about dust, egg distance and not being all the day looking at your phone then it is a good buy, if not probably waiting is a good option.

I don't use it all the time, but 2 months of owning and battery still fine. Don't expect to catch anything good, but if I'm collecting pidgey to evolve, I snake thru a grocery store parking lot, it'll flash green after green after green. For me, better than risking driving while actively using/playing with a phone--just for that well worth the $32 it cost me

This is a very complete response, I agree as a 3+ month Go+ user. I would add that (and this is very important) distance traveled is MUCH more accurate for me, so if you play while biking you can rack up serious KM and save serious battery life as compared to without the plus.

One major downside I would emphasize is that you will likely run out of regular balls (the only thing the plus uses) quickly unless you're in an area with lots of stops, and I run out even when I am near lots of stops. You can just turn the plus to nearby stops only, and use it to swipe them without looking, which fixes this problem.

It is highly excellent for distance, leveling and stardust.

I personally got mine to hatch eggs while working. If you have a job where you walk around alot you can keep the go plus in your pocket and phone locked. I find that opening the app every half hour or so to update egg and buddy distances really helps. Either way I don't expect it to stay connected for any longer than an hour at most with the screen locked

Yeah my girlfriend works as a waitress in the evening, she thinks it would help her motivation for the game because she is moving no stop.

The game has been changed since drift was big, and even if she is moving around a lot in a building she's virtually guaranteed to get ~0 KM even with a plus.

I just treated myself to a Plus, which just arrived. My main reason is to discreetly catch evolution fodder at Wal-Mart, which has more spawns (although no stops or gyms nearby) than anywhere else in town.

I keep thinking about security guards laughing as they watch me catch mon in the store on their cameras - I know I shouldn't, but I remember how I used to think that people who play this game are crazy (blush). Not that I should care, I know.

But it might also come in handy at work, 'cause as a nurse I walk a lot.

Thanks for all the info, I'm looking forward to trying it.