Fifth ex raid in a row i cant attend. This time a thursday. I still have a job niantic !!!!!! How difficult is it to schedule ex raids in the weekend....

Asked by 9comon3 months ago


It's a bug it was set to go from 7 days to 8 days back to 7 days to hit Sunday and Saturday however it got stuck on 8 days and now we are paying the price...

Cycling through all days seems reasonable. If the current days don't work with your work schedule, then wait few weeks without raiding at EX eligible gyms until it is projected to land on the weekend again.

The only invite I've received was for a gym that was 2000 miles away. Great system for sure.

It has been Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for a long time (6-7 weeks). I think they get their chain raiders being more active on the weekend and they don't want to interrupt that paying train.

I missed my first EX raid and all but 1 community days because of my drill weekend. Pokemon don't even spawn on base...

by zap 3 months ago

Congrats, after 6/7 attempts where I couldn't, I finally get to go to my 4th EX raid (today).

I still think they should implement a timer warning of people that their EX raid will be starting soon : /

If you're getting 5 EX raid passes that you couldn't attend, that implies that there have been several that you could. Niantic can't schedule EX raids so that you can go whenever you want, or could they?

How about a system where instead of turning off for a week, an EX gym goes EX for a week, with raids 2-3 times a day, and you can only go if you get a pass. If you don't beat Mewtwo, you can do a later EX raid using the same pass, anytime that week. And if you can't make any of the raids (traveling, sick, or whatever), the pass remains active for the next time the gym goes EX. Might be tough on people who aren't connected to the local raid group, but they could show up for a few likely times, and probably find a group if they aren't unlucky (and then might connect with them for other raids too).