In need of grass fighters.

I know that grass fighters aren't necessarily the best but suicune is my next legendary(us) and I only have 3 good electric types that I can use and with gen 3 we get a lot of rock and water types, some of which take double dmg from grass and just stuff weak to grass like whiscash, swampert, milotic, walrein and even kyogre. Plus I personally like grass types. So if you're knowledgable about battling and damage output and simulations and all that stuff id really appreciate the input on what to power up. Also if you recommend different moves let me know. TM's, candy and stardust are no problem. But I can't go and power everything and give everything ideal moves. Gotta be selective.

These are my options:
Venusaur 90% vine whip/solarbeam
Victreebell 96% razor leaf/ lead blade
Exeggutor 93% bullet seed/solarbeam
Tangela 96% vine whip/ power whip
Oddish 100%. Is vileplume worth maxing as a grass fighter?
I have a level 30 vileplume 82% with razor leaf petal blizzard. Will that suffice?
I have a perfect bayleef but meganium sucks so I won't power that up.
i caught a 98% eggy from a raid and am definitely powering up but wasn't sure what moves to give it.
Any input helps. Thanks guys.

Asked by steven05028 months 4 weeks ago


in uk with blue dog currently and first of all i'd say don't worry - it's easily doable with 5 people with darnnear anything, and dragonite resists pretty much every hidden power it can have so they are decent options always.

the game itself always puts my 2300ish cp venusaur with vw/solar top then my 2500cp confusion/solar exeggutor, after that game usually throws stuff like espeon in as it 'knows' what moves it's facing and prioritises resistances so i'd go with it's suggestions.

as for what moves on an eggy, i'd go psychic quick (think they can only get extrasensory now) and solar charge - seed bomb is a nightmare for attackers if you'll use this on defence after event too.

You don't even need grass types, a team of Raikou, Zapdos, Jolteon, will make quick work of Suicine

Already powered up my best jolteon. Raikou is over for me and I already got my 96%. Never got a good zapdos. Best is 89%. I know grass isn't the most optimal attacking type but I want some diversity and also I like using grass types. Always thought they were cool. Beside it's not like they have terrible stays either.

Also pokebattler puts my Dragonite and (Mewtwo) ahead of eggs. So def don’t need 6 grass for suicine.

But if OP insists on grass, egg is the best.

For my money (stardust) Exeggutor is the best and safest bet. Solar Beam is awesome. He can tank water moves really well. Use any quick move and he can be useful as a generalist as well. Power up the 93% and/or the 98% for sure.

a venusaur is the best grass attacker hands down, vw is faster so more energy and more dodgy than anything an eggy has. eggs are more worth powering up though as they make great defenders with psychic-type quick (iirc on par or tiny bit worse than a supereffective bullet seed so usually the best pick) and solar or seed bomb charge. pretty great neutral attackers too, you won;t regret maxing a high IV one.

as for blue dog counters as we've all said rock a strong lightning or dragonite and they don't last long.

btw i'd not touch any of the other grass types as they suffer from both low cp and (mostly) poison typing. if you catch a good IV lv.30 then evolve away but none are worth dust

Bs solar beam eggy is your best bet in a raid. I personally like seed bomb too if you roll that move.
Other grass types are glass cannons.

I live in a grass biome, so I've long had tons of grass attackers. I still use my eggs and Venusaurs, but my armies of Victreebels and Vileplumes sit unused. My top two eggs have Zen Headbutt/Solar Beam. I never got a good IV with Confusion, sadly. I wouldn't mess with Seed Bomb. For pure grass moves, Venusaur with Vine Whip or Razor Leaf and Solar Beam is the way to go. I also keep one Level 33 Venusaur with Razor Leaf and Sludge Bomb for both attacking and defending.

Venusaur and exeggutor are the best grass. Exeggutor will be the best for many generations. Both with solar beam.
I have a maxed out 100% Victreebel. It's fun to use it, but it faints too quickly

IMO grass pokemon works well against Suicune. Resistance from water is crucial and ensure that you won't be greatly damaged from Hydro Pump.