Max IV Aggron and misc

I just caught a perfect IV weather boosted Aron that I promptly (perhaps stupidly?) evolved to an Aggron with Dragon Tail and Stone Edge.
I don’t know what to do with it though. Max it? Stardust is limited so I need to prioritize. 100% is Nice but according to Gamepress Aggron is not very relevant and quite weak. Should I TM? Also haven’t got a big batch of those.

Another general question: how important is the Health stat? Is a Pokémon with say 7 as a health stat but double 15 for attacking and defense interesting to power up? I ask because the health differences seem pretty small and thus inconsequential.

Asked by Grimgroove2 months 3 weeks ago


Is trashing it an option?...

Well just kidding. Kind of.

It's not THAT bad though. Makes a pretty good defender against gyms with strong anti-Machamp/Ground setups such as Dragonite/Gardevoir, and has great Quick Move options and Heavy Slam with a TM. Also makes a decent attacker in terms of potion efficiency - a maxed one can even solo a maxed Blissey just before the time runs out.

Switching in Machamp takes all of 1 second and then you can proceed to completely obliterate Aggron. It's just not a good defender when most people are packing multiple Machamps in their gym team.

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Aggron is great if you know what to use it for. Keep away from it if you just play brainlessly following online guides and have no idea when it's a good idea to maximize resources over time.

Don't max it out, becuase then the auto-select will select it for every raid you do, where it is almost as bad as Blissey.

Don't spend resources on it, it's not that useful. Spoken from experience, I have a 100% Aggron maxed and it's stayed at 0hp for two months straight except for the 2 challenge solos against Jynx that I revived it for.

HP directly contributes to how long your mon stays alive, as does def. 15 for both ensures maximum survivability and the differences definitely matter.

by Croc 2 months 3 weeks ago

Don't max it. Don't transfer it. Any 100% is a keeper A shuckle in the hand is worth two shekels in the... ummm... the uprising of 100% dex-ters!!!

It's far better to power up a min Rayquaza (10/10/10) than a max Aggron. So unless you have powered up EVERYTHING else that's useful, keep it as a trophy, but pass on the power-ups.

My two strong Aggron were both caught as weather buffed Aron, and evolved with no power ups. Not worth any dust. Somewhat useful as is.

I would definitely keep it dead to prevent it from being autoselected, and definitely don't put any resources into it