Max Damage

I have a 62 IV DB/DC Dragonite. 9 atk, 9 def, 10 sta IVs. It's my only Dragonite and I tend to not power anything up below 85% IV's, but because of the legacy moveset, I'm tempted.

Will it hit a point where the damage output reaches a cap and it wouldn't make that much a difference?

Asked by Wolfe10 months ago


That's the problem, I want to use Dragonite as a generalist Pokemon, so I'm not aiming for any particular Pokemon to deal damage against. I'm not really familiar with how attack is capped, so didn't really know if 'you hit level 35' and it won't do any higher damage, if that makes sense?

by aSp 10 months ago

The amount of damage you do depends on your mons level and attack stat including IV, AND the opponents total defence - so it will change for every opponent.

Yes, level 33 against Dragonite, assuming that the Dragonite is a tier 4 raid boss.

Depends on defender.

As an example, for Mewtwo raid boss:
Dragon Breath caps out at 5 damage at level 23.
Dragon Claw caps out at 42 damage at level 39, but is already 39 damage at level 30, and is 34 damage at level 23 (since I already referenced that level).
It has has defensive breakpoints against Confusion at levels 23.5 (22 damage, 5 dodged), 26 (21), 28.5 (20), 33 (19, 4 dodged).

Fow Tyarnitar raid boss, Dragon Breath caps out at 5 damage at level 30.5.

I'm looking at the spreadsheet named "Damage per level against fixed defender". On my phone right now, so difficult to search Reddit for it.


DB/DC is a good moveset, but DT/OT is just as good if not better. I had a DB/DC dragnotie and TMed it to DT/DC. I still feel like Dragon Claw is sub-par compared to outrage and even hurricane. But I'll keep it bc it's rare.

If it were me I'd stop powering up that dragonite and power up a higher IV one. With the TMs everywhere you can change it to any moveset you want.