Machamp Solo Possible?

I'm struggling to figure out Pokebattler in terms of simulating a timed raid battle with my Pokebox, so I thought I'd ask it here. Is this lineup in any shape to confidently solo a Machamp? I've never soloed a t3 before.

87% 2707 CP Espeon |15A/15D/9S| (Con/FS)
[Level 34.5]

87% 2338 CP Alakazam |12A/15D/12S| (PC/FS)
[Level 29]

80% 2404 CP Alakazam |10A/12D/14S| (PC/FS
[Level 30]

62% 2995 CP Dragonite |15A/1D/12S| (DT/H)
[Level 31]

93% 3443 CP Lugia |14A/13D/15S| (DT/SA)
[Level 37.5]

96% 2950 CP Dragonite |14A/14D/15S| (DT/O)

[Level 29]

I also have two candidates that I have the resources and probably intention to power up but haven't yet:
(Let's assume I power them up to where I would)

98% 3147 CP Moltres |15A/15D/14S| (FS/OH)
[Level 37.5]

82% 3340 CP Mewtwo |13A/10D/14S| (PC/SB)
[Level 30]

Asked by WaterYouWading49 months ago


Should not be any problem. Since you’re at least level 36 you must be able to find one more Ala/Esp with FS to switch with Dnite/Or. After that it’s a guaranteed walk in the park.

Edit: Didn’t see Mewtwo, the most obvious Pokémon in your stable to feed candy and dust (regardless of IV)

I might hold off on powering the Mewtwo, some people in my communities managed to get 2, and I think one even managed to get all 3 that were offered.

It has middling IVs and a middling Attack stat, but great moves and 13 isn't too bad considering all my friends got 12 on theirs. I might take it to 30 for now - if I get any better the justification is to have a Focus Blast, Con/SB, and PC/SB Mewtwo. I'm not exactly swimming in candies and dust though.

At this point (while Mewtwo is a thing, Celebi/Mew, and ESPECIALLY Latios/Latias), I'm keeping my Lugia as a Psychic neutral anchor to supplement a Shadow Ball Mewtwo with Dragon Tail.

I do have 3 better IV Lugias with psychic moves, but I'll need more resources to power them up.

you should be already good against some movesets like counter close combat.

For some other moves, the Mewtwo would be needed.

That's more than enough. Almost way more than enough. Just try to get 2-3 FS in with the first three and you can pretty much autopilot the rest.

I have done most of movesets with a way way worse team on a crap phone so i dont see any problem at all. As said changing lugia to ES will help but dont think is even need.

If you want to be ultrasafe hit 2 FS with the speon and 1 FS with each Ala if you cant or fail get out and restart.

After that with lugia and dragonites should be peace of cake dont dodge with this ones just braindead hit him if you want to do it more efficient try to get both bars barelly full before using 2 bars and then hit both

Fast TM the Lugia to Extrasensory, and you're good to go. My lineup is a lot worse than yours (and no Lugia), and I can still solo a C/DP Machamp.