L26 Lugia 86 IV vs L20 Lugia 97 IV. Which one?

I have Lugia 86 IV att def sta 13/13/13 at L26
But just now another raid catch, I got L20 Lugia 97 IV 15/14/15!!

Like before I posted, my dust still around 200k. And my Lugia candies at 72. I don't think spending any candies again from rare candies for this Lugia.

Any suggestion?

Asked by hilmanefef10 months 4 weeks ago


the 97 one.
It is always worth spending stardust on those who have better iv

I would take the 97.9% up to level 26 also and wait until you need more from it.

I'd say favor the 98 one. You have enough to get it to level 30.5, CP 3095.

If you were to spend all those candies to power up the 86% one, it would be level 33.5, CP 3209. So, it really wouldn't be that much stronger than the 98% one, and it would be much more expensive to power it up further.

Think of it like a flying Snorlax (but unable to defend gyms). You would never use it if it was 2020cp, but you will occasionally effectively use it at 2600cp. In time your 98% can be your massive tank, whenever the time comes that you need/want one

You have already spent 39,000 stardust and 34 candy. It will be 36,000 stardust 32 candy more to reach level 30; it will be 3032 cp with 164 hp.

It will be 75,000 stardust and 66 candy to reach level 30; it will be 3080 cp with 166 hp.

OP said they have 72 Lugia candies already, what else are they going to spend that on. Personally the extra 48cp (3080 vs 3032) would determine if it would be in my top 10 at level 30 or not. Kinda dumb, but this game is equally dumb most of the time***To have the 13/13/13 surpass the 3080 (get to 3083 at level 31) it would take another 8 candy and 10,000 stardust extra. Makes the decision a little closer one.

After catching something like 20-25 legendaries, I still haven't gotten a single one that's above 91%. If I were in your shoes, I would absolutely no doubt go for that near perfect Lugia. Just do it and don't look back.

Wait till the event is over before powering up the 98% Lugia. Who knows, you might get a 100% IV Lugia tomorrow!