How's my Mew2 team look?

Scizor Lvl 35: 13/14/15, fury cutter/x-scissor
Tyranirar: Lvl 32: 14/15/12, bite/stone-edge
Tyranitar: Lvl 29.5: 15/11/15, bite/stone-edge
Gengar: Lvl 28.5: 14/14/13, sucker punch/shadow ball
Gengar: Lvl 30: 9/13/13, hex/shadowball
Dragonite: Lvl 31.5: 15/15/14, dragon tail/outrage

Asked by kojpl8 months ago


You really want Crunch for the Charged Moves. My experience with Stone Edge against Mewtwo is one of disappointment. The team's lookin' good though.

Without Shadow Claw, I would only really use Gengar if Mewtwo knows Psycho Cut. Look into doing some Tyranitar raids this week - Tyranitar really is the best counter for Mewtwo, even at level 20 fresh-caught it is a good counter.


by kst76 8 months 1 week ago

Looks pretty good to me. Frankly if you have 10 trainers or more (level 35 and above), you probably only need to use 3 pkms to down mew2. I brought a team of 6 tyranitars (all with stone edge) and only used 2. We had a team of 15 mostly level 39 and above trainers. You will be fine. Good luck on your x raid


That's good enough unless you're trying to shortman a Mewtwo with 3 players.

Because if you have many players doing the raid you won't get many damage balls anyway and the raid will be over very soon, and if you've got a low number of players you'll have enough time to get 3 damage balls as long as your Pokemon are decent counters, they don't have to be optimised in every way e.g. hitting damage breakpoints and best moveset.

I was late to my Mewtwo raid by around 15 minutes, the majority of players got there before it actually started but I still got 6 people to do it, and did it with just a little under half of time remaining, and got 3 damage balls with a pretty mediocre team.

4 Tyranitars at level 30, 2 with B/C, 2 with B/SE and then some weather boosted level 25s I got from raiding with Iron Tail.


I assume you're asking this because you have a raid pass for this weekend? If so, there will most likely be more than enough people with a pass in these wide-ranging waves that you will be fine. I did a 7 man against a weather boosted Focus Blast with Confusion last weekend when there was also a bunch of people with passes. I decided to stick with my army of 6 Tyranitars figuring everything would get slammed by a boosted FB anyway. And they all did feint after 1 FB. Went back in with the pre-selected team since we were so far on the damage bar to save time on healing. First Gengar made it in just in time to take a FB to the face and feint without firing a shot. I was on the 3rd Pokemon of that group when we beat it with 123 seconds remaining. I received 2 damage balls. There were larger groups of lower levels without top counters. As far as I know, everybody caught Mewtwo at that raid of 40-50 people.

The reason I state this is that yes, B/C Tyranitar is *better*, but if you don't have or want to invest the resources, you will most likely be fine. My best Ttar, 98% level 40 is B/SE. I wrestled all week if I should TM to Crunch or not. We were split up in a 6 man group until we saw it was FB so we added one moreto our group. Group size is your most efficient way to beat Mewtwo (or any boss). If you have the TMs and want a Crunch Ttar? Go for it. Don't have TMs or don't want to invest more into that Ttar? You will be fine. Just make sure you split up into teams for the bonus balls and try to form a group 9 or less to aim for 2 damage balls if your group can do it. Beating Mewtwo is not the hard part in these wide distribution waves.