How does your Pokedex look

I was just struck by how fast I've been unlocking the Hoenn pokedex compared to the previous 2 generations. God, they were a (fun) slog weren't they?

Asked by solid_snake6 months 1 week ago


Just got metagross on Saturday to basically complete current available gen 3 mon....Just need mewtwo, mew, kangaskan and mr. mime from gen 1. Basically I have everything but regionals. Not sure if chimecho is just super rare or a regional though. That’s another mon I have yet to get.

Correct. It isn't regional, but is a very rare spawn and a very rare hatch from 10k eggs. It's also worth noting that unlike other Mons, Chimecho nets you a base of 1000 Stardust when caught as opposed to 100.

I also have enough candy for sceptile, blaziken and breloom, just didn't find the right candidate to evolve yet.

Kanto: 148
Johto: 98
If it was important to me I could be up to 111 for Hoenn I’ve got enough candy to evolve(but still waiting for a good one):

115 Honen. Missing only regionals for all three gen now. Got lucky hatching both gen 3 babies and a chimencho long before the current event.