How do I find a Ditto?

I'm stuck at Mythical Discovery (5/8). One of its requirements is to catch a Ditto. The other tasks I have completed. Do you have any suggestions or hints as to how to find a Ditto? After all, they do not manifest themselves until after you try to capture the pokemon that is the Ditto's disguised form.

Asked by Barry Dale5 months ago


Just be active to catch a:
Rattata, Sentret, Pidgey, Hoothoot, Gastly, Whismur, Zubat, Yanma, Gulpin, Tailow and Zigzagon... Who knews... Its a Ditto

- also during party clouds weather...
Good Luck!

Yup, back at the time when I was stuck in that stage of the Special Research I made a mistake checking how many "seen" Ditto I had in the Pokedex before and after a hunting session. 2 of them had fled, so then I changed strategy to razz + ultra + great curve ball for all these crappy species.