How do I find a Ditto?

I'm stuck at Mythical Discovery (5/8). One of its requirements is to catch a Ditto. The other tasks I have completed. Do you have any suggestions or hints as to how to find a Ditto? After all, they do not manifest themselves until after you try to capture the pokemon that is the Ditto's disguised form.

Asked by Barry Dale7 months 3 weeks ago


Just be active to catch a:
Rattata, Sentret, Pidgey, Hoothoot, Gastly, Whismur, Zubat, Yanma, Gulpin, Tailow and Zigzagon... Who knews... Its a Ditto

- also during party clouds weather...
Good Luck!


Yup, back at the time when I was stuck in that stage of the Special Research I made a mistake checking how many "seen" Ditto I had in the Pokedex before and after a hunting session. 2 of them had fled, so then I changed strategy to razz + ultra + great curve ball for all these crappy species.