Egg Hatching Event

Time to stock up on Super Incubators and Star Pieces. But wonder is it worth the coins to buy the boxes just for the Super Incubator? Oh, guess I also need to hatch all my 2km eggs today and wait for the new ones tomorrow so that I can get Ralts.

Asked by lengzhai8 months 2 weeks ago


by Dr. T 8 months 3 weeks ago

Interesting take. Only 2 km eggs, but these will be good 2 km eggs. For me this means that at the begin of the event I will throw my remaining 10 km and 5 km eggs into incubators; that part is a nobrainer. The real question is whether these special 2 km eggs will be valuable enough to spend incubators on them. If yes, this will burn through stashes like wildfire.


by daltry 8 months 3 weeks ago

So still no double candy for transfers to the professor it seems. How long do I hold these dratini, beldum, and legendary? Until Halloween?


by TyFox 8 months 3 weeks ago

Even the hatches may not have double candy...'bonus candy' is ambiguous enough that it could mean +1 candy for hatches. Niantic must think double candy events are game-breaking or something.


Here's my results from the last "Egg Event":

Abra x2
Aerodactyl x2
Bedlum x5
Carvanha x2
Chimecho x1
Corphish x7
Dratini x4
Feebas x1
Kabuto x1
Lapras x1
Mareep x1
Ralts x1
Scyther x1
Skarmory x6
Swablu x9
Wailmer x5
Wingull x6

Yeah. I'm not exactly excited for another Egg event. Not going to bother with super incubators or trying to hatch a bunch of eggs. I'll just grind for Stardust.


They used the phrase "an even greater variety of Pokemon will be found in 2 km Eggs" in the official announcement so I'm not holding my fingers crossed for anything good hatching from the eggs. That right there is code for "expect your eggs to still hatch mostly worthless stuff".

Whether it's worth buying the boxes depends on how many supers and star pieces they include and at what price. There will be a price breakdown on the internet minutes after the boxes go live.

Still mentally exhausted from the grind in the last event but double dust is going to make me play like crazy again. That's the real prize of this event.


So it sounds like I'll get double stardust for hatching tons of Wynaults from 2 km eggs. Still clearing the last 10K egg from the last event (got 2 scarmory, one middling IV Ralts, and a Lapras so far).

If the double dust is for everything, that could be good, and it would overlap community day, which could be really good.


Still have six 10km eggs from windy event and 10 star pieces left. If I understand new event right, it is worth saving coins to hatch them 3 at a time.


I'm completely burnt out from the windy egge event and shiny Lugia. I'll just use my remaining incubators to clear out my inventory and hatch the event 2ks with my infinite incubator.