Dodging in Kyogre raids?

The new counter guide is great, but I was surprised that dodging is not mentioned. If your exeggutor can barely survive 4 waterfalls and a hydropump, might dodging be useful? It might make the difference between getting a SB off or not. Or maybe you could even get two off?

In gym battles, I always used the yellow flash to time my dodges. But now that this is gone in raids, my dodging sucks. Is there anything else you can cue off of to know when to dodge Hydro Pump, Thunder, or Blizzard? What about the message "KYOGRE USES HYDRO PUMP ..."??

I was using my Snarl / Wild Charge Arcanine today on a Blizzard Kyogre, and Waterfall really hurts him. In this case might it help to try and dodge Waterfall?

Asked by gibell9 months ago


I have pretty good success just trying to predict when it'll use the Charged Move. It usually does after 4 or so Waterfalls, and uses it quicker when it's taking more damage.


Yes, I dodge every single charge move for Kyogre. I also ignore the death loop, and continue fighting with the invisible mon.


I dodge with my top mons like Raikou. I pretty much have to dodge because the revive shortage is real.