Can we make a priority list for Sinnoh Stone Usage??

As it seems we only get 1 per week, and many of us likely have all of the evolutions lined up...

With what priority should we evolve them?

A full article would be nice (i.e. to detail what's the most important, but exceptions for various situations - e.g. Rhyperior may be good to prioritize unless you have a squad of 6 legacy Tyranitar).

But for now - in this question: what would you prioritize?
Are there any available Gen 4 evolutions that will counter expected raid bosses? Do you prioritize Togekiss for defence? Do you look to fill a hole in your general battle team? Do you prioritize a hundo?

I'm personally debating between:
Hundo magmortar
Electivire (since I don't have any powered Raikou)
Togekiss (for defence)
Porygon Z (unique generalist)
but at the end of the day will likely go with Rhyperior (ground moves since I don't have any groudon).

Was going to go for Mamoswine and Tangrowth first, but neither are available :(

Asked by TTT3 weeks 4 days ago


Just go ahead and enjoy. You really don’t need any of them right now. And if you do, evolve it!

I chose a high-level Rhydon that I won’t miss if there ever will be a CD.

Edit: I didn’t expect her to be a dwarf.


well the more valuable of each evolution will be different for each person depending on what we have. Weavile might be great agaisnt giratina but for those with gengar/SB mewtwo they wont be in need of it, but those without them will, similar situations are for each other evolutions with their closest competition

Most of the evolutions arent too good against the gen 4 legendaries sans weavile agaisnt giratina and the 4 psychic types or rhyperior agaisnt heatran, but both are outdone in those rolls by other pokemon that have been previously obtainable


The only pokemon that currently outperforms Rhyperior against Heatran is Groudon, which obviously is a legendary, while Rhyperior is not. For anyone obsessed with the meta, I would advice to save enough stones for 6 Rhyperior, but personally I won't. Maxed Machamps should make an easy Heatran trio, I don't really need to be able to duo it.


I'd say the big ones, of those released, are Electivire, Weavile, and Roserade.

Each is top DPS for a type. And it really depends on what you have already. Anyone with a couple powered up Raikou isnt in much of a hurry to see Electivire, e.g.

Weavile is top DPS ice, and the TDO ice, Mamoswine, is yet unreleased. But one would need a reason to desire ice.

I think Roserade is the way to go. But locally, Honchkrow and Rhyperior seem the most popular.


This was mine. There's nothing in my collection that will change the way I play, so it was a fairly easy choice. Once we know the raid boss and CD pokemon for next month I'll think about it a bit more seriously.


Just look at how the "Popular Pokemon Today" section is, that's pretty much it by popular involuntary vote :)


I did Porygon-Z with my stone gained from Research Breakthrough. It got CB/Hyper Beam in the mid 2300s. Changed the fast move and it has fire hidden power. I'm going to do novelty first, then niche.


by Dargad 3 weeks 4 days ago

I'm personally gonna go with Togekiss. With the nerf to Blissey as a gym defender, I'd like to make it as hard as possible to the newly buffed Machamp Army.

I don't have a shiny Togepi, and the odds that we'll get a CD for a baby Pokemon, or a Raid Day for a Pokemon that requires an item to evolve, are rather low, so I'm not too worried about missing out on something, at least for now.


by hkn 3 weeks 4 days ago

Think I will go with Rhyperior and give it MS/EQ to anchor my Gengar solo team. My level 30 non-legendary team wiped out against Shadow Ball a few days ago (looking forward to Weavile) and Rhydon was just barely viable against Sludge Bomb.