Blast Burn Nerf, what's the deal?

Is this move still going to be relevant or is it now demoted to trophy status? Pretty disappointed to read this news, deflated my community day enthusiasm cuz I had a perfect charmander I was saving just for this.

Asked by YodaJi5 months ago


Last I heard, these were the numbers in the coding for blast burn. So it won't be a fire clone of FP like some were hoping for (longer animation time, late damage window, higher damage).

That said, as is (unless something changed), it's now like a fire-type Outrage, only faster than Outrage. So it will still be quite the amazingly strong move, beating out all other options that Charizard could learn in terms of damage output.


Can someone provide a breakdown of how Charizard now compares to FS OH Flareon? Direct upgrade, or is it more complicated?

I thought nabbing a few BB Charizards would save me having to power up my mediocre IV Moltres, but now I’m wavering. If there’s no reason not to power him up, I’d like to do it sooner to help with Jynx and Pinsir solos.


I wouldn't power it up, even for pinsir and Jynx raids, Heatran in gen IV will be a FAR better investment so save your stardust and rare candies (if thats what youre using)

it may take longer to get the charizard, but it seems better long term move.


BB Charizard and Flareon are very close in DPS according to pokebattler, but Charizard has about 10% advantage in TDO.

Against Jynx, Charizard is significantly worse if the boss carries ice moves, whereas against Pinsir it's helped by the flying subtype.

You don't even nearly need to power up Moltres to solo these two bosses however. 4 Level 30 Flareons/BB Charizards/Houndooms followed by 2 tanks should handle all movesets of Jynx, dodging adviced though. Pinsir gets comfortably taken down by a team of level 30 Flareons or BB Charizards without any dodging.


I think it makes sense. Having a CD exclusive non-legendary be on par with legendaries that are supposed to be flagships that rake in money with the raid system doesn't seem like a good idea from business or game design perspective.

Now it still makes Charizard powerful enough to use if you don't have a full team of powered up fire legendaries, which I think is perfectly balanced. As all things should be.


I think the shiny does most of the heavy lifting there to be honest. They don't need to make the exclusive moves broken level of good like FP to incentivize people to go out.