For example, Entei has a ATK of 235 and can learn fire fang and fire blast. Salamence has a ATK of 277 (42 higher than Entei) and also can learn fire fang and fire blast.

When against a pokemon that is weak to fire, which of them has a higher DPS? And how much ATK is enough to even out STAB?

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by pipjay 3 weeks 4 days ago

STAB is a x1.2 bonus. So:

235 x1.2 =282 >277

Entei with Fire Fang/Fire Blast is marginally better than Salamence with the same moveset.

Of course, Entei can also learn Overheat (which is stronger) and Flamethrower (which has more flexible energy usage).


As a simple example, Mewtwo has 300 attack. Stab is 1.2.

To work out how much attack a ghost pokemon would need to match mewtwos shadowball, divide that 300 by 1.2. Your answer is 250.

pretty straightforward.


How about using Mewtwo against Machamp?

Say, confusion/shadow ball vs confusion/Psychic. SB is powerful but Psychic has both STAB and SE. Will C/P Mewtwo total outperform C/SB Mewtwo when fight against fighting type and posion type?


That is when I start looking at

C/P and Pc/P are both better than C/Sb. If you have cloudy weather for that level 25 catch, C/Fb also moves ahead of C/Sb. Shadow Ball would still perform really well though.


That's correct. There's more to it when you compare different moves, as they can have different cooldown, energy use, even the damage window matters for tight situations for fainting or fighting the clock... sims work best for that.

That said, Mewtwo candy used to be very scarce, so it was best invested in Shadow Ball variants because it's more versatile and pretty much matches other moves in favourable conditions (weather, STAB, SE, etc) in terms of DPS and especially TDO.