Any raid/gyms trackers with moves ?

as title, i'm from UK and my group uses gymhuntr to check local raids but that used to have a feature to show the raid bosses moves as well which has since been lost. I'm stepping up my t3 solo game and aiming at an allakazam but are there any UK raid trackers that show a bosses moves before i potentially waste a pass ? cheers for replies !

Asked by format7 months 4 weeks ago


Maps and trackers cop a lot on here...but 'raid only scanners' seem to be accepted by more players on here.
I suspect it is because it would make it difficult to raid effectively without them. Basically it is something Niantic should be providing - for many reason - but have so far failed to deliver.

I could be wrong, but it is the general feel I get on many fan sites.

Where I live we have a local discord that then breaks down by area. As much grief as Ive seen go out for any third party interaction Im surprised the users here would deem this one 'just ok enough'

Raids almost demand Discord/Facebook/Something to co-ordinate...and to co-ordinate effectively you need this kind of information to share. I think this is why 'gym only scanners' (I did stipulate the difference) are tolerated and even accepted more readily here than the traditional 'mon scanners'.

For the record, I am in a similar Discord group and I suspect many on here are - and I am aware that some if not all of information I get from there at some point probably comes from a scanner. But without it, I wouldn't have any legendaries.
It is almost necessary, and this is why I said Niantic should provide their own - it will kill the need for a LOT of scanners overnight, if nothing else.

Put in a level 5's free pass and see what it is...but really you don't want to waste the time and gas going onsite if it is not something you can or want to battle. You couldn't battle that many Alakazams on a weekly basis though, most other raid situations aren't that vital. However, when Lugia was around I put in a pass and ran away a few times that it had hydropump. I ain't gonna be raid organizer for that, have to stick around in the heat for what usually is a lost cause...then you might not capture it anyway

surprising negativity (though the lv.5 alt account idea is good) - i barely managed a double water omastar and really want to defeat an allakazam but i'm aware both those really ramp up difficulty depending on moves so wanted to see if any scanners showed boss moves so i could avoid wasted passes.

if it's not something scanners can provide anymore so be it, guess i'll take my chances.

An local tracker here showed them, but now it was banned, several days/weeks before the legendary beasts started to appear as raid bosses.

If you're in London there's Londonpogomap, but not sure about other local groups sorry, I'd recommend using the level 5 alt ac method.