Advice - Poorly equipped for Kygore....

OK - my team is badly equipped for Kygore.

I wasn't playing during Zapdos or Raikou - so no legendary electrics for me.

I have a couple decent Jolteon, but they're so fragile they probably won't survive a single charge move.

I have a lot of good Exeggutor (was useful against Groudon), but can't handle the ice-type moves, and one good Sceptile. No Venusaur.

I have one OK double-electric Lanturn, which looks like a nice tanky option. Wish I had more of those.

I'll have one good Solar Beam groudon, but ground vs. water doesn't help.

Generalists like Tyranitar and Dragonite are weak against a lot of its moves.

I have a MewTwo - with Focus Blast...

Double-dark or double dragon gyarados? If it doesn't have Thunder?

I'm tempted to just use Snorlax...

Asked by alevinemi9 months 1 week ago


by Ganzas 9 months 2 weeks ago

Hehe dont worry. My best bets are 3 jolteons 1 eggy 1 venu 1 vileplume(who the fuck still use these!!!) Ill have to throw couple generalists like dragonite and hope his not blizzard. My sceptile 35 came out fury cutter earthquake and the last venusaur lvl 30 came ou with poison charge xD no legendaries with solar beam neither mewtwos or other powerfull generalists.. feelsbadman


Jolteon has Thunderbolt; 2 bar and Discharge 3 bar.
Should be able to fire 1 or 2 TB before fainting; increasing your DPS a lot. although fragile it is absolutely not too fragile. Just avoid thunder and you should be OK even if you get 1 hit KO by any charge move.

Go with your Jolteons, eggys and Groudon.

Don't use any other pokemons you mentioned.


Stick with the Jolteons. If you have any Exeggcutors with Seed Bomb, or if your Sceptile knows Leaf Blade, they can get some good damage in before Blizzard hits, as can the Jolteons, even if they'll all die in one hit. Tyranitar isn't a good option. Dragonite is good against non-Blizzard movesets.

Finally, your Mewtwo and Groudon will be good against any movesets (But only if they are leveled or nearly fully-leveled). This includes moves that Groudon is weak to.


Blizzard will be the hardest moveset for you if lacking high powered electrics. Solar Beam Groudon will be pretty good against both non-hydro pump versions and Solar Beam Ho-Oh (if you have one) would be pretty good against Blizzard. Exeggutor should probably be your go to against non-Blizzard versions. A powered Dragnoite will be a good stand in against Hydro Pump or even Thunder.


Kyogore hits hard, I think bulk is more important

In order base on Bulk

Hydropump: Exegutor, Venesaur, sceptile
Thunder: Raikou, Zapdos, exegutor, venesaur, sceptile
Blizzard: Raikou & Jolteon


by dads 9 months 2 weeks ago

Battle it as much as you can in the next week. The longer it’s around, the fewer people show up for raids, the fewer people that show up for raids, the better your team will need to be.


I have to agree. At this point, Your best bet is to is to tag along with raids in groups as large as possible and hope that the collective can win the battle quickly. It's totally doable. I've had plenty of low level trainers tag along in my raids and sometimes, they get the big legendary before I do. (I'm glaring at my fiance now). The earlier you do raids, the bigger the groups will be. If your area is anything like mine, you could bring 6 of your best Beedrills to a Kyogre raid this weekend and still have a good shot at staying in for the whole time.

That said, if you have an Ampharos, TM it to a double electric move set and power it up as much as possible. The other thing you might want to consider prioritizing catching is Electrikes. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't consider giving one of my 6 spots to even a 100% Manectric, but given your limited options, Electrikes are common enough that you can power one or two up fast enough to be somewhat useful. They are currently the most common Electric type in the wild and Electrics are going to be the strongest and least vulnerable to Kyorge's move sets.

When all else fails, just pick the strongest battlers you have that don't have type disadvantages and go in with those. Your raid group will need to pick up some of the slack, but I've never seen a raider in my area grumble about low-level trainers. We're happy with all the help we can get.


I listened to silphroad reddit's advice and this turned up well for blizzard variants.

All of these pokemon are guaranteed to soak at least 1 blizzard and do neutral dps or non stab se damage without being countered.

Lanturn has charge beam and thunderbolt

Gyarados has waterfall and outrage

Ho-Oh has extrasensory and solarbeam

Tyranitar has Bite and Crunch

Hariyama has counter and dynamic punch

Arcanine has snarl and wild charge