10k egg odds (during the event)

I have hatched 8 eggs and gotten 4 lavitars since the event started. I hatched them all at once and 3 of the eggs weren't picked up while the event was live. They had to have increased the odds! Has anyone else noticed? I'm sure I got lucky as well, but the odds also had to have been tweaked.

Asked by ottorockett1 year ago


The official answer is eggs are predetermined and don't change from the time you spin them. I've hatched a Chansey, Mareep, and a pretty boss 95% Miltank. Got six more to crack. All pre-event. One Larvitar is all I really need and I can evolve to a Ttar.

The majority of my eggs were found before the event btw 3 of my eggs were like .4 behind the other 5 and I know for a fact all 3 were picked up during the event and 2/3 were lavitar.

My GF and I both got some spawns outta eggs such as Kabuto and Geodudes. Our suspicion is that they changed eggs so that any eggs hatched during the event are subject to "event spawns" not predestined spawns. Just a theory we had discussed although too early to say.
The reason why? Cuz they want to make money not have spoofers and free players hold eggs till double candy(more likely they half distances). 2nd they want to reward players who walk AND use 9 incubators.

I am happy for you and your luck with hatching. It points out a critical point witch needs to be addressed, the unfairness and bad balance in the game. My last 15 10km where 12 (12!!!) Mantines, 2 gligars and one Sudowoodo. I feel the opposite of reward for running 9 inc. and for being a legit player. Why not even it out 4 everybody in every biome???

Rural trainer, lv 35 pissed off