Just caught my first mewtwo, is it worth powering up?

89%iv 15sta/15atk/10def cp2246
Moveset is trash, confusion hyper beam
Is it worth powering up

Asked by Ray83042 months 1 week ago


by Raven8 2 months 1 week ago

That 15 attack alone says yes. Mewtwo is going to be peerless in its niches for years to come most likely, so even if you get a better one later this one will still have a niche. heck, with 3 viable Mewtwo charged moves, there will ALWAYS be a use for it!

Took me about 10 Mewtwo catches to get one similar to that: 15a/11d/15s and I had no drag about maxing it. Caught a better one today, but this new one gives me something to try to power up—I had nothing on my schedule besides just saving for the next curveball/screwball/spitball that Niantic threw

If it has 10/10/10, it would be worth powering up, just not as much. It's Mewtwo. FWIW, all three of mine are 86% or less, so I'd be happy getting this one. Congrats!

Yes, Hyper Beam sucks. CTM it. Whatever you get will be better, and all the other charged moves have good uses. Confusion is great, especially with psychic, utterly shreds Machamp and the other fighters. Psycho Cut pairs better with Shadow Ball or Focus Blast.

Definitely. Who knows when you will get another, and most likely, the IV will be worse. Even if you don't have a CTM lying around, use him when it is partly cloudy. HB's bad rap is less diserved with weather boost in the game. (Do CTM it when you get a chance, though).

Yes, no doubt about it..
Good one, even better than a 100% in some situation

by Kazlu 2 months 1 week ago

Yes really good one. My Mewtwo happens to have the same IV distribution but I had the luck of it coming with Psycho Cut/Shadow Ball. It was very useful against the Latis, now I TMed it to CM/SB. Very powerful.

The IVs are good even if not perfect and Mewtwo is one of the greatest attackers in the game. It can serve as a generalist or a specialist.

Power it up if you have the resources, don't hold off just because of Hyperbeam if you"re short of CTMs. Its cycle DPS in neutral matchups is actually second best to Shadow Ball, better than Focus Blast. It's even better in partly cloudy weather (most frequent that foggy weather which would boost SB!). The only problem is that there is no type advantage you can exploit... but there are few type disadvantages you will meet. It makes Mewtwo a nice generalist. Personally I would even prefer HB over FB because I have Machamps and Hariyamas when I need fighting power, but other people will have different opinions. Once you have the TMs though, TM that charge move away because there is always a better move for every role that Mewtwo can have (SB for generalist or countering psychic, P for countering fighting, FB for countering rock/normal).

No dont power it up. Save the dust and candies as you may well have many more ex raids & in all likelihood get better Mewtwos. Its decent but not awesome.

That depends greatly on whether his raiding prospects have changed, or if he just stumbled into the right place at the right time to get this one. Mewtwo has been out for a while now and he only has one. Unless his raiding habbits have changed, he won't have another one, let alone a full team, anytime soon.