Gym Overview and Strategy

Gym Basics

Once you hit level 5, you can choose a team and begin taking on gyms. Click here if you want the basics on how gyms work!

Not only do gyms show your team spirit, but they also give you rewards in the form of XP and even Pokécoins and stardust if you defend them!

The number of Pokémon a gym can hold is 1 per gym level, up to a maximum of 10 Pokémon at level 10. Every time a gym loses a level, if it can't support the Pokémon it currently holds then the lowest CP Pokémon is ejected. Note that each trainer can only store 1 of their Pokémon in any given gym.

Gym LevelPrestige Required

Gym Defense Rewards

Navigate to the Shop screen and click the button in the top-right to instantly claim rewards for each gym you currently defend. However be aware that you can only claim the rewards once every 21 hours, even if you defend more gyms in that time!

Although you can defend any number of gyms at once, you only get rewards for up to 10 gyms. Each gym that is still being defended at the time of claiming grants 10 Pokécoins and 500 stardust, making gym defense currently the only way to acquire Pokécoins without spending real money.

Note that you can only defend gyms with a Pokémon that is at full HP, and that once slotted, that Pokémon cannot be used until it is ejected from the gym due to the gym losing levels. Since the lowest CP Pokémon is ejected whenever the gym loses a level, sometimes it is worth it to power up a Pokémon slightly to slot in at a higher, safer spot.

Anyone can slot into a gym if they're on the correct team; just earning a gym a level doesn't guarantee that you will be the first to use that slot, so be quick and plan out who you want to defend the gym with before you finish your last combat!

# of GymsStardustPokécoins

Allied Gyms

When training against allied gyms, you can select a team of 6 Pokémon and are not allowed to heal between battles. For each Pokémon you defeat in a row, you earn the gym prestige and earn some XP. Your Pokémon will faint if defeated in training battles (0.35.0 Game Update), requiring the use of revives before they can be used again.

If you want to slot a Pokémon in a full allied gym, find one that doesn't require much more prestige to level up and train on it. If you are much stronger, you can quickly take down the gym. If you are weaker, since defeating Pokémon of higher CP grants far more prestige, use a Pokémon that is just below the weakest CP in the gym. If you have trouble taking down the gym, take a look at the section on advanced combat.

Below is a table of rewards for each defeated Pokémon which depends on if your attacker's CP is higher or lower than the defender's CP. All final amounts of prestige and XP awarded are rounded down.

Relative CPPrestigeXP
Higher310 * (Defender CP / Attacker CP) - 5531 * (Defender CP / Attacker CP) - 5
Lower500 * (Defender CP / Attacker CP)50 * (Defender CP / Attacker CP)

Prestige gain are capped at 100 minimum (double defender's CP) and 1000 maximum (half defender's CP). Experience gain is 10% of prestige gained. All of these calculations are based on the highest CP Pokemon in your team of 6 whether or not that Pokemon actually participated in the fight. Adding a Pokemon to a gym also adds an additional 2000 prestige.

Enemy Gyms

Enemy gyms can be attacked by a team of 6 Pokémon per person. Multiple trainers can also attack a gym at the same time and you will all damage the active Pokémon together, although the defender also damages all attackers at the same time.

Defeating at least 1 Pokémon reduces the gym’s prestige. As the prestige level drops, the gym level drops. When the gym hits 0 prestige, it becomes a neutral gym and people who participated in the battle have 30 seconds to claim the gym. Once these 30 seconds are up, anybody can claim the neutral gym, even if they did not participate in battle.

If one of your Pokémon are reduced to 0 HP, they faint and require the use of a revive before they can be used again. Note that you can transfer fainted Pokémon without healing them first if you want to use them as cannon fodder. To avoid using revives, you can either run from the gym or switch to a healthier Pokémon when yours starts getting low.

For every enemy Pokémon you defeat, you earn 100 XP and reduce the gym's prestige by 1,000. Sweeping all of the gym's Pokémon in one go earns you an additional 50 XP and reduces the gym's prestige by another 1,000!

ActionPrestige DamageXP
Each defeated Pokémon1000100
Defeat all Pokémon bonus100050
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