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Pokemon List
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Pokemon List

Generation 1 2 3 4 Alolan
Buddy 1 KM 3 KM 5 KM
Egg 2 KM 5 KM 10 KM
Candy 12 25 50 100 400
Level 20 Max CP Level 30 Max CP Level 35 Max CP

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ID HP ATK DEF Name CP Rating
Pokemon Stats CP Rating


Ratings Explanation

Ratings are based on a Pokemon's attacking viability. If a Pokemon does not have a rating, it is either not a viable attacker in comparison to Pokemon with a rating or has yet to be released. Ratings do not take into account a Pokemon’s defensive capabilities .

There are several Pokemon that have a legacy moveset that increase their attacking viability.

Pokemon Rating with legacy move
Omastar 4
Gengar 4.5