New boxes for sale (Special, Great, Ultra Boxes)

At least these are worth considering vs. the "Anniversary" Box which was crap...

I saw on SR first...and it's in my game too:

From pokimonz:
480 coins: 6 premium passes, 10 pinap berries.
980 coins: 12 premium passes, 20 pinap berries, 10 lure modules.
1480 coins: 4 incenses, 16 premium passes, 30 pinap berries, 20 lure modules.

From unwinagainstable:
1st Box: 480 coins/6 raid passes = 80 coins per pass
2nd Box: 980 coins/12 raid passes = 81.67 coins per pass
3rd Box: 1480 coins/16 raid passes = 92.5 coins per pass

IMO, the best deal is the 2nd box...20 more coins for 10 Lure modules even though pretty useless, cheap enough to not care...

Asked by ironman_gaming11 months 3 weeks ago


You need to restart the app. I really don't need more lures but the raid passes are nice.

I was going to buy lures anyway for the global challenge part of go fest so this is a nice surprise. I also might use lures to get people to show up at raids. Come for the lure. Stay for the raid lol

Much better than the dick in the box we got before!

I want to go for the ultra box but those lures are useless to me. I still have all of them from leveling up

I got the ultra box, since I have to buy incense (no spawns at the house) and lures can be useful. I think it's the best deal.

P.S. I guess Niantic wasn't too impressed with the sales of the first anniversary box, LOL.