Well, i see now only pure water (wg/hp) or pure ice movesets with frost breath (plus blizzard or ice beam) are rated A. And i fully agree, i dont see a point how any mixed moveset (water/ice or…

Asked by nathancorsini
13 minutes 4 seconds ago

So kind of a 2 questions I guess, just looking for opinions, was just looking up an article about defensive synergies and Cloyster was mentioned, I'd forgotten which moves it could now get and…

Asked by TorqualxD
41 minutes 21 seconds ago

So scizor is one of my favorite mons in the game, got FC/IH it shows as 2nd best moveset, I rarely see eggs anymore in gyms so I'm thinking this set might be good since it can be a generalist…

Asked by jaboowinston5
1 hour 33 minutes ago

I was shocked when I found this in the grocery store parking lot as it looked just like a regular magikarp when until I clicked on it. I calculated it's IVs to be pretty mediocre at 51-64% but it…

Asked by YodaJi
1 hour 43 minutes ago

91% iv

Asked by Chunggitoy
2 hours 33 minutes ago

Why are there some moves that are straight up outperformed by other moves of the same type?

What is the point of having twister when there is another dragon move, dragon claw, which is also…

Asked by Yoshyegg
2 hours 51 minutes ago

I realize I need more stardust but I forgot I had this guy. Iv separate post

Thank you

Asked by Deco74
3 hours 23 minutes ago

Hai, as the water day event comes to a close I have gotten enough candies to evolve a karp which should it be?
Karp #1: CP 164 14/15/4 71% ivs
Karp #2: CP 162 11/14/10 77% ivs

Asked by Star1
3 hours 46 minutes ago

Has anyone been using Lanturn with electric moves as a prestiger against Gary's? Seems like it would be better than Jolteon (I have an army of Jolts from 13k-15k CP, as I'm sure we all do), given…

Asked by LightTriad
4 hours 10 minutes ago

I am looking for another good defender. I have a alakazam at 1800 cp 95%iv confusion shadow ball.
I can get him to 2450 cp for 70k stardust. Worthy defender?

P.S. Trying to piss off a…

Asked by Muff
5 hours 33 minutes ago

Sorry for an offtop, but I decided to ask it here since I only see this here... Why do people say "could/would/should OF", instead of "have"?? Like, is this some kind of a slang I have never heard…

5 hours 34 minutes ago

I was wondering if it were possible to transform Ditto, switch him out, and bring him back transformed in a later round.

Asked by Patcallo
5 hours 39 minutes ago

What are your best attackers for the common Gym defenders? What movesets do you find the most damaging and effecient? Any unique strategies? I have been using Dragonite(DT/OR), Exeggutor(ZH/SB),…

Asked by Pacheco
5 hours 44 minutes ago

Got a CP 763 Oddish today with 100IV... shall I evolve it into a vileplume or bellossom?!?!

Asked by radioasis007
6 hours 7 minutes ago

There is something I am missing, but why can't you use a magikarp, around cp 20-25 as a bubblestrat defender? Splash is listed as zero damage. There has to be a reason this doesn't or it would…

Asked by pantanimal
7 hours 56 minutes ago

hej! what do u think about a 86% omastar with mudshot/ancient power?
good for something?

Asked by Raeglos
8 hours 11 minutes ago

Just hit 200 Magicarps and still no shiny. Being in a rural area, gettin a shiny is probably the best thing I can get in the event seeing how there's been no Lapras, dratini, tododile yet. Just…

Asked by Buns
8 hours 31 minutes ago

Place a Dragonite, Gyarados, or Tyranitar or place a Blissey or Snorlax?

I faced this dilema today and I placed a 3K ZH/HB Snorlax. Rethinking if I should of placed a Dragonite or Tyranitar…

Asked by s0measnguy
8 hours 44 minutes ago

I checked IV of my pokemons recently and it looks like I have only two mons with 100% stats. One of them is Blastoise with Water Gun and Ice Beam. Is there any reason to power it up, or…

Asked by Drac013
9 hours 50 minutes ago

I long ago passed the gold medal in egg hatches. I've hatched 4 Aerodactyl, over half a dozen Snorlax, and every other Pokemon available in 10k eggs... except Lapras. I can't complain too much,…

Asked by JRESeawolf
10 hours 1 minute ago
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