Hello- I have a ZH/FS 98% and C/Psychic 90%. With importance of him in current raids does it make sense to try for FS on my 90% or leave as is with Psychic, also is it worth to change ZH to C?…

Asked by jaboowinston5
43 minutes 42 seconds ago

What raids are the most profitable in your opinion? The ones which you get more rare candys and TM.
Soloing level 1 and 2? Level 3 in a few people? Or level 4 with a bigger crew?

Asked by jonatanch
47 minutes 20 seconds ago

Level 1 and 2 raids are too easy so no one bothers with them unless of course you need to use up your daily raid pass before end of day.

Level 4 raids are either impossible or too easy. In…

Asked by zlatinho
1 hour 9 minutes ago

I hate to do this again and again, but I've noticed that Steel Wing Dragonite wasn't mentioned even once on "The Best Raid Boss Counters", even when dragon is neutral and steel is SE!

1 hour 27 minutes ago


i have 2 chanseys and i have only 70 candys:
level 27 cp:1056 iv:75,6 (hp13 atk11 def10)
level 15 cp:604 iv:82,2 (hp14 atk13 def10)
what chansey should i choose to…

Asked by nfrocha
1 hour 51 minutes ago

What's the logic behind having no raids night? Aren't players (who work in the day like me) more free to play at night?

Asked by The Mad King
2 hours 36 minutes ago

First off I'd like to say thank you for the raid boss counters list. For someone like me who lives in a small town and won't be attacking with 20 people it's really helpful

But I have one…

Asked by Miller240
2 hours 47 minutes ago

Anyone else having trouble signing into ya account?

Asked by SNiP3
2 hours 51 minutes ago

I have a legacy move Machamp with Karate Chop and Cross Chop (which use to be its best moveset) at a 98%IV. Should I keep it that way for admiration because it's a legacy moveset, or should I…

Asked by MichaelM08
3 hours 25 minutes ago

Given that stardust is rarer than ever without the daily gym payout AND that most of us have a LOT of attack-mons that we need to get up to speed (since focus used to be on defenders), I'm…

Asked by BlueSwan
4 hours 12 minutes ago

Hello guys!
I dont know which Rhydon i should max out.
I have:
100% IV RS/SE
91% IV MS/EQ
Or should i try for another Golem with double ground or rock attacks? I…

Asked by Manekken
4 hours ago

1: HB for DT/HB
2: SW for SW/Hu
3: SW for SW/OR

4 hours 37 minutes ago

Can someone explain why Rhydon MS/EQ is a better counter to Flareon Raid Boss than RT/SE Golem? Yes Rhydon has 11 more base attack but that doesn't seem to make up for MudSlap being slower than…

Asked by devun
5 hours ago

Which is better against Rhydon and Tyrannitar?

Asked by SerChris
6 hours 6 minutes ago

After the Rock-type event I ended up having several good IVs Rhyhorns and Rhydons but none of them were with perfect movesets. I guess now having a good Rhydon is essential for countering Raid…

Asked by bestfiction
6 hours 28 minutes ago

Hey, I love the new Raid Boss Counters page! One thing I can suggest from my experience against 3 Venusaur raids is that Scizor is a tank counter to Venusaur, it lasts sooo much longer than…

Asked by PlentiCool
6 hours 50 minutes ago

I think it's high time to return it to its former rating. Most raid bosses are countered by the moveset.

Asked by Ngurasngod
8 hours 19 minutes ago

What are recommended buddies? It seems Blissey is no longer a great gym choice, since you need your pokemon returned to you.

Larvitar (to get tyranitar ready for legendary)?

Asked by pantanimal
8 hours 43 minutes ago

So on Sunday I was blessed with not 1, not 2, not 3, but 5 pinecos out of a 9 10k batch hatch. On the bright side today is Tuesday and I already picked up 8 more 10k eggs.

RNG is sure funny…

Asked by Specter
8 hours 49 minutes ago

I know that everyone is now focused on developing boss-raid teams (e.g., Espeons, Machamps, etc.), but I'm guessing that Niantic is going to rotate the bosses. Anyone else think so?


9 hours ago
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