Did my first Absol raid the other day - it was really easy. We had five people and took it down with over half the time remaining (double dark moveset, I think).

I think three could have…

Asked by Jmast7
52 minutes 51 seconds ago

I have a 98 ivs level 39 Vaporeon with AT, and 5 CTM, should I try to get Hydropump now with Groudon as a boss? I have another one with HP and a HP Gyarados also at 39

Asked by MarcoLeandroX
1 hour 58 minutes ago

Assuming best moveset on both.

Asked by 9comon
4 hours 2 minutes ago

Let’s say Niantic decided to give everyone a gift of one super rare candy that could be used to fully max any one Pokémon. Would you max:

1. something you were intending to max anyway (eg…

Asked by spiffy96
4 hours 3 minutes ago

If I walk 5km with an Eevee and collect 1 candy, change buddy, then change back to the Eevee and walk another 5km and collect another candy, and evolve it in the day, will it become Espeon?

8 hours 6 minutes ago

Spoiler Alert: If you bought one as a Christmas present you may not want to read this.

Found one in a city park, unable to find the owner, thought I'd try it out. A week later nobody has…

Asked by Croc
8 hours ago

Hi Gamepress staff (or anyone who has an idea):

If there is an X listed in a moveset rating for attacking or defending, is it simply unavailable due to it still being a work in progress, or…

Asked by Lecafe88
8 hours 36 minutes ago

The breakpoint calculator says the Last breakpoint for waterfall is 32.5 against groudon. Is this post or per nerf?

Asked by Partyll
9 hours ago

Dust: 650k
Rare Candy: 94
Fast TMs: 7
Charged TMs: 0 (spent 5 in failed attempt to get FS on 98% Alakazam)

G1. Assemble a team to take on Groudon (see my box…

Asked by hkn
9 hours 42 minutes ago

Is anyone else disappointed in Gamepress’ review of Groudon?

Besides the fact that Groudon exceeds all other ground attackers (which they don’t mention), it is supposedly the best counter…

Asked by dads
10 hours 9 minutes ago

As i said from the start before i got fed up of raids, raids, raids and the zombies who do them, ex raids are an atrocity.

I've heard all sorts of excuses for them, one being that Niantic…

Asked by harrytipper2
13 hours ago

I noticed on the counters page all the Tyranitars that are listed are either solely stone edge or have both charge moves listed as supreme/great counters? Should I keep my stone edge or tm it to…

Asked by lemareschal
14 hours 6 minutes ago

I got such a pass, but time is right in the middle of Christmas dinner.

Asked by laomashushu
14 hours 12 minutes ago

This is what the autoselect gave me for the MS/EQ groudon.

The 4 gyarados with the same moveset (WFHP) and the same level (30) gives me a wonderful opportunity to investigate on the…

Asked by Lecafe88
14 hours 26 minutes ago

My battle party system is bugged. It basicly froze.
I have 2 empty pages.
I cant delete those.
I cant add new pokemons to them.
I cant add more pages.
Anyone has the…

Asked by Peach
14 hours 55 minutes ago

Looking ahead (but given Groudon out, not too far ahead) and comparing the new legendaries (Kyogue and Rayquaza) to Mewtwo, do you envision the possibility of changes to the EX Raid system? In…

Asked by pantanimal
15 hours 2 minutes ago

Since the next ex raid is on 25th Dec, the next invitation should be exactly on 1st of January.
Will there be an invitation on that time? The exact new year's day where most of the people…

Asked by SchwarzHertz
15 hours 16 minutes ago

So I didn't start this game until July, but I'll hit level 30 soon. I'm finally getting to a point where I find relatively high level mons (esp now with weather), and once I get 30 I can track…

Asked by edensiris
16 hours 17 minutes ago
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