I don't think anybody has the stardust to power up every legendary they get(why would you?) and also most of us want to power up our favorite legendaries and most of us also want a high IV one.…

Asked by steven0502
38 minutes 9 seconds ago

I have caught 10 Moltres highest being 82% today I had 100% run away from me FML...it's been real I am done but let's be honest I will be raiding later

Asked by jaboowinston5
2 hours ago

So countering psychics has been my weakness for a long time and now king of the psychics is coming and I need some help. The picture is what I have as solid counters at the moment. My other…

Asked by dantheman2587
2 hours 32 minutes ago

Back on my situation, I just can catch the Lapras which IV is 88.9% or lower. If its IV is above 90, they just run away when I use all the balls. Quite disappointed when I finish the Lapras raid…

Asked by iamfatdog
3 hours 1 minute ago

So i got this Eevee with 749 cp, and the IVs are 7/15/7 (att, def, hp), so it's like 64,4%. Should i evolve it into Espeon or something else cause i don't have too many psychic attackers?

Asked by Vortrep
3 hours 13 minutes ago

Lugia is my favorite ( My first Pokemon game is [email protected]). Out of my 80 Lugia raids from day 1 till now, My best catch is a 98%(attck14) and a 95%(Attack15). I wonder if I will eventually…

Asked by htgys123
4 hours 1 minute ago

Yeah... So I want Honest opinions

Asked by UnzkiBoeZ
5 hours 17 minutes ago

I have a 62 IV DB/DC Dragonite. 9 atk, 9 def, 10 sta IVs. It's my only Dragonite and I tend to not power anything up below 85% IV's, but because of the legacy moveset, I'm tempted.

Will it…

Asked by Wolfe
8 hours 13 minutes ago

It is currently at 705 CP, with 15 ATK IV, 5 DEF IV and 10 STA IV. It is 67%. I have been looking for another good Eevee to evolve to Espeon. However, with only 5 defense and 10 stamina, I'm not…

Asked by 333-blue
10 hours ago

I have Lugia 86 IV att def sta 13/13/13 at L26
But just now another raid catch, I got L20 Lugia 97 IV 15/14/15!!

Like before I posted, my dust still around 200k. And my Lugia candies…

Asked by hilmanefef
12 hours 30 minutes ago

I may have just not noticed, but in 500 berries handed out, I never could verify receiving a candy. What do I look for?

Asked by daltry
17 hours 14 minutes ago

Chicago Fest: C-H-I-C-A-G-O
European Increased Sightings: E-U-R-O-P-E

Some on TSR & Reddit say maybe:

Asked by I3L4zE
17 hours 27 minutes ago

Assuming someone didn't officially request a pokestop or gym to be removed, has anyone ever seen one removed from the game. I ask because 2 of the landmarks in my town that represented gyms are…

Asked by Scouncelor
18 hours 10 minutes ago

Can someone please make an article about legacy moves that are worth keeping? That would be appreciated
I know some, which are db/dc on dragonite (which I have)
Rt/rs on omastar

Asked by BlackTigerZW
18 hours 30 minutes ago

Took me long enough. But I finally have all the birds. (I don't get out much during normal hours). I'm only missing all the regionals and unown.

237 caught/242 seen

How are you doing…

Asked by clrinetwiz
18 hours 39 minutes ago

I was looking at leagacy moves and noticed that I have a confusion solarbeam exeggutor. Anyone that has been fighting with one can suggest if its better than extrasensory solarbeam? Thanks

Asked by Posponer
18 hours 47 minutes ago

i did the lugia raid number 41 this morning and get a 100% IV lugia!!!! worth all the fight, im so happy guys. thnks u all

gotta catch'em all!!!!!!

edit: links…

Asked by Daviddnrc
19 hours 53 minutes ago

Can I defeat a Vaporoen with only six Zapdos?

20 hours 24 minutes ago

Chicago got heracross and unown, Japan mr. mime, Europe got kangashkan, and now Anaheim, California gets it along with a unown spawns too while Australians get nothing that sucks.

Asked by MuSICisLiFman
20 hours 33 minutes ago


Asked by K_D
21 hours 24 minutes ago
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