So anyone in the Webster NY area, or just players in general, see this guy, make sure to knock him out. he's a well known spoofer who'se known for putting regionals, shinies or rare pokemon at low…

5 minutes 35 seconds ago

For those of us who aren't twits (that is, we don't use Twitter), could someone post how the global challenge is going? Hours left, pretty sure we've hit all the targets.

Thanks in advance…

Asked by aeronaut63
1 hour 42 minutes ago

If he stops now, will he survive the next one? I told him about it and he seemed worried, so he said he'll stop.

1 hour 45 minutes ago
Asked by aeronaut63
1 hour 45 minutes ago

I usually always beat machamp solos but I tried one today while he was weather boosted with dynamic punch and I was able to get him to the red but couldn't beat him. My issue was mainly survival.…

Asked by Yellow_Sponge
3 hours 41 minutes ago

It came from Chicago, not sure if it was at the GoFest specifically or just from around the area. Haven't seen this reported yet, anyone else?

Asked by toytracker
5 hours 44 minutes ago

Like Rhydon, Magmar, Megaton, and Piloswine.

Asked by Hunter15
9 hours 23 minutes ago

I've been finding pokemon that god evolutions in gen IV like nuts, for the past month I haven't found a single swinub, magmar, and other such pokemon in the wild, now, they're everywhere, and no,…

10 hours 18 minutes ago

I'm looking to build a team for raid battles in my area. I can be encountered from Chattanooga, TN all the way down to Dalton, GA. If you're interested please DM me the location. I can also be…

Asked by theDorkiplier
10 hours 33 minutes ago

I put my strongest Pokemon and only Gyardos in a gym and now it's been stuck there for weeks. I could really use it back! Any spoofers out there willing to help me out? It's on Peaks Island in…

Asked by colleenbobean
12 hours 42 minutes ago

This morning i noticed after i feed round about 60 berry total at two gyms i could'nt feed any mon in any gym for at least a half hour. Bug, new Nerf or old nerf i did'nt noticed before? Happend…

Asked by Rorschach311
17 hours 29 minutes ago

A few weeks ago, I finally managed to land an excellent curveball throw, but I have yet to claim the rewards because:
1. At level 38, XP no longer benefits me.
2. I have no pressing…

Asked by hkn
20 hours 9 minutes ago

Can it be wild caught?

Asked by swoop711
21 hours 45 minutes ago

Stupid question, but assuming if a player has a maxed, perfect, Darkrai, and all perfect IV Shadow Claw Gengars VS Psycho Cut and Hyper Beam in foggy weather, is it possible?

23 hours ago

They did it with corsola in europe so i was hoping for torkoal in the usa where i live

Asked by Ray8304
23 hours 52 minutes ago

The ultra box looks especially good this time around (since I'm not level 40 yet). Hoping to get enough coins to buy it, wondering if anyone has a decent guess or better knowledge of the time?…

Asked by TTT
1 day ago

My last 10 raids, exactly 1 person in the group has gotten a Shiny.

On articuno day we did 6 raids. For 5 of them, we were a group of 9/10 people, and for one we were in a group of 20. Five…

Asked by TTT
1 day ago

Bullet Punch is already one of the best, if not the best Steel Fast Move. If it theoretically got Meteor Mash, (In a CD after the boring Chikorita day) would it be the best option for Steel type…

1 day ago

I might be really tired and my brain isn't working, but in the celebi guide on the machamp counters chart is lugia missing?

Asked by Frostystuff
1 day ago

I'm trying to find a list of Pokémon which have accessoires/headgear available in Pokémon GO, like the Festival Hat Pikachu,... Is there a list anywhere or does anyone have a list of it?

Asked by DrieSkill
1 day 4 hours ago
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