Q1 update was gen2, Q2 update was the gym re work
With the rest of gen3 coming out in December is it our Q3 or Q4 update? If its our Q4 update then was legendary pokemon our Q3 update?

Asked by MuSICisLiFman
3 hours 13 minutes ago

I have 2 Horsea I'm looking to evolve into Kingdra, it'll be a gym accessory really but maybe be used for battle if need be. The reason i say fickle is because of the following stats:

Asked by thaiguy
3 hours 46 minutes ago

I have failed on four or five previous Alakzam raid solo attempts, and tried again today. The boss had C/FS, not ideal for my trio of Gengars that I was hoping would put me over the top.…

5 hours 8 minutes ago

Soo i've got this 91 15/14/12 'dex dratini and i'm contemplating whether i should evolve it in case DT/O becomes legacy. I don't have a 'nite yet, been waiting for a 96+ cuz i'm greedy but if y'…

Asked by Bobert11110
6 hours 56 minutes ago

It was not a critical catch, and I know haven't gotten this bonus for a critical catch. So I can't figure out what it is for. Any idea what this bonus is for?

Asked by nigel7ofssc
7 hours 38 minutes ago

Is it just me or the models have been enlarged? (Again)

Asked by potlim23
7 hours 39 minutes ago

I have a Charizard with Fire Spin. Should I TM this to get Air Slash in case it becomes legacy and he gets a flying charge move?

I imagine he will always have a fire quick move and he isn'…

Asked by jbhens
8 hours 16 minutes ago

I already have a 89 ivs SC/ ShB Gengar (15 atk iv) at level 38, it’s my only powered up Gengar and also my only one legacy one, however at soloing FB Zam or battling Mewtwo with that move people…

Asked by MarcoLeandroX
10 hours 26 minutes ago

I have eggs right now. Will the eggs that I have now give double candy or do I need to get new eggs after the event starts for double egg candy?

Are the Legendary Raids going to give double…

Asked by MikeHunt
10 hours 26 minutes ago

Generally a RAID has a duration of 59 minutes howevever what happens if I enter a raid in the last one minute left, do i still have a chance to complete my RAID beyond the allow time?

Asked by takeachansy
10 hours 41 minutes ago

I'm going to transfer legendaries tomorrow. While not 100% sure, I figured out that I'm going to keep two of each, with the exception of one lugia and three raikou.

Asked by Spryquasar
11 hours 25 minutes ago

Why is Exeggutor named as a good counter to Raikou here at Gamepress? Does not make sense or does it?

Asked by wwwpokeballdk
11 hours 30 minutes ago

Everyone knows about the nickname tricks for the Eeveelutions, I have only used two of them, Rainer for Vaporeon and Sakura for Espeon. Some people say that the nicknames for Gen I eeveelutions…

Asked by FakeUser9
11 hours 46 minutes ago

Never seen this before for myself, just thought I'd share.

I found it with five in and added the Eevee to complete the set

Asked by FwifferChris
12 hours ago

So I will participate in tomorrows Ex Raid. I want to evolve and power up one of my top IV larvitars. (S/A/D)
15/14/15 98%
15/15/D 96%
Which breakpoint does the 96% hit earlier…

Asked by hobivagessn
12 hours 39 minutes ago


Asked by gluglumaster
13 hours 53 minutes ago

After following user aSp’s suggestion of complaining about the EX raids in a bug report, I was surprised to actually get a response. As you can see, as long as you know which gyms will get the EX…

Asked by TyFox
14 hours 24 minutes ago

Please vote below with thumb up or thumb down.

Asked by Zaarkos
16 hours 53 minutes ago

As per title
Ive been hording my pidgey army since before gofest trying to use them during a double exp event.
Should i continue keeping them for future double exp or should i make use…

Asked by Teddy
17 hours 39 minutes ago

There's a gym near my house that hasn't had any raids at all for more than a month. The last time I saw a raid there was an Exeggutor raid in the first week of September, the previous one (which I…

17 hours ago
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