The wheel around my buddy turns over, but I don't get the "found candy" alert, I get no candy, and my field research "Earn 3 candy..." doesn't count up. It was working earlier with a wurmple. I…

Asked by Jinx182
31 minutes 51 seconds ago

What pokemon are your buddy under the ongoing event? Just curious?

Asked by DK6970DK
1 hour 22 minutes ago

So...I've been trying to figure out which move combination suites Ho-oh better, and it bothers me so much the fact that Ho-oh lacks of a Flying and/or Fire-type fast move. It would be way better…

Asked by VrillonX
3 hours 27 minutes ago

I have these two Zapdos obtained from Research with Atk / Def / Sta:
15 / 14 / 15
15 / 15 / 14

Is it worth saving up Rare Candies and powering up one of them? And if so, which…

Asked by DarkMalice
5 hours 39 minutes ago

Who do you guys find to be the most useless?
I find it to be mawile, sure its good against dragons with fairy, but its so weak in stats it cant do much. IT lacks the one thing that made…

6 hours 14 minutes ago

Think about it, a gym in the limbo suddenly popped up around here, itself is inside the park, but later I found out, the center of the level 20 cell is like 20 centimeters outside the park, so it…

Asked by 333-blue
7 hours 45 minutes ago

Had an Aerodactyl from the adventure week research flee during capture. I did not think that was possible. Has anyone else seen that behavior?

Asked by rbredt
7 hours 58 minutes ago

This one's mine after 44 total Ho-Ohs. I'll take it! Someone in my town got a 100% Shiny.

18 hours ago

I have finished at least 2 research today (may 25) but still haven't been awarded the stamp. I have gotten an update everyday since they started but for some reason it's not rewarding it today, is…

Asked by wayatumba
20 hours 53 minutes ago


The Pokemon screen and the selection screen you get for selecting members of a battleteam keep their seperate sorting methods now.

Asked by phhoff
23 hours 48 minutes ago

Is anyone else having issues with their PoGo Plus, after the Adventure Week started, not connection to their Pokémon Go at all anymore? I've had issues in the past (who hasn't with PoGo Plus?) but…

1 day ago

Solrock is a bit tougher than I thought he would be. This one had the brutal Confusion/Rock Slide moveset. After messing around Grass teams, this was what I wound up winning with:

Asked by solid_snake
1 day 1 hour ago

Would it be worth it to set Togepi as a buddy pokemon to get a jump on getting Togekiss when it comes out?
Or does it seem that there maybe a sort of 'gen IV evolutions' type of event…

1 day 2 hours ago

Let me know what you think about the new boxes.

-It,s worth it to buy them?
-Should i wait for a better offer?

If you have something to add, it´s well received.

Asked by OscarLodbrok
1 day 5 hours ago

What do you guys think will follow the July community day (which we all assume to be Squirtle, and will likely be) Its going to be some hoenn pokemon, but what one? my first thought was trapinch…

1 day 5 hours ago

I did a raid yesterday and one of the raiders mentioned something about the end times of raids being extended to 9:00 pm. Is there any validity to that? To my knowledge raids had been ending…

Asked by donniep4
1 day 5 hours ago

I just caught a perfect IV weather boosted Aron that I promptly (perhaps stupidly?) evolved to an Aggron with Dragon Tail and Stone Edge.
I don’t know what to do with it though. Max it?…

Asked by Grimgroove
1 day 11 hours ago

Normally we can get 250XP for spinning a new pokestop. Now is 10x so we can get 2500XP for spinning a new pokestop. Activate lucky egg can get 5000XP for spinning a new pokestop.

Wow, this…

Asked by ThEChamp
1 day 15 hours ago

So, the time has come, the TRUE impossible solo, making Claydol/Jolteon look like a complete pushover, and fending of your rain boosted level 40 kyogres while chilling out.

Hope no one has…

Asked by Lecafe88
1 day 22 hours ago

The announcement mentioned Aerodactyl, but I guess Omastar, Kabutops and Onix may also return for the event? During the Kanto event, I finally managed to solo Omastar, but did not spot any…

Asked by hkn
1 day 23 hours ago
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