Says Niantic (its global product marketing lead).

Any thoughts?

Asked by bioweapon
1 hour 22 minutes ago

I have seen plenty spoofers before, but now we apparently got a very aggressive bot here. You take a party, beat a gym, place your mons there and in minutes, it is back, with the same two accounts…

Asked by BlueDrone
1 hour 30 minutes ago

I don't know who post it before with some tips how to obtained the best move sets... The threads said its good to evolved @ 5pm - 8pm... So I try it Yesterday @ 7:37pm... with a Larvi now my first…

Asked by Jampokes
1 hour 59 minutes ago

Base stat: STA/ATT/DEF
- Lanturn: 250/146/146
- Vaporeon: 260/205/177
- Jolteon: 130/232/201
Lanturn has the endurance of Vaporeon and a medium firepower.


Asked by Sparker
2 hours 7 minutes ago

I finally found a larvitar again today since like a week ago.
It would be great if Niantic released a rock event someday where I could catch some larvitars smiles. Yeah that would be great…

Asked by Zeeros1992
3 hours 4 minutes ago

What to do with this guy?

yes I can keep it as a trophy but with RNG giving the best moveset.......it seems just like a waste to keep it a trophy.

Asked by Specter
4 hours 10 minutes ago

disregarding CP, which do you think is better as a general attacker/defender that will provide the most coverage

1) C/SoB Egg 89 IV
2) DT/HB Dragonite 96 IV
3) SW/OR Dragonite…

4 hours 14 minutes ago

Finally evolved Blissey, the first Chansey I caught, and got ZH/DG. I honestly can't believe my luck. Still need tons of candy, but she is still awesome.

Asked by SteveH2331
4 hours 29 minutes ago

This event thus far has been a huge help to me - I was able to get enough candies to evolve and fully power up my first Dragonite, who is now proudly sitting atop a local gym.

I'm at a…

5 hours 1 minute ago

Hey Everyone,

I have 3 Omanyte that are good enough to evolve but I think I know which one but I wanna make sure because I want to use this pokemon for gyms. I have a Omanyte 997 CP(Level…

6 hours 23 minutes ago

Is there any point in evolving a Tyranitar with the current move sets available other than for the podex? Just asking because I evolved one, got bad moves, but could try again. I just can't find a…

Asked by clarnzz
6 hours 36 minutes ago

Do any other trainers (besides myself) find that once they hatch something, they are more likely to hatch it again [immediately after]? For example, I just hatched my third Mareep in a row, after…

Asked by 6William9
8 hours 9 minutes ago

With the event, I was able to walk and catch enough for T-Rex and Piloswine. I still don't have the regionals. Lacking the funds and ability to travel the world for pokemon, I figure my dex is…

Asked by alpinesurfer
8 hours 12 minutes ago


8 hours 19 minutes ago

Thank you all for clarifying that the Pokemons are defined when you get the eggs from the Pokestops.

I finally got my decent 80% Chansey (the highest I have), a 93% Lapras and a 82% Snorlax…

Asked by miabnuga1
9 hours 1 minute ago

Any working map-based scanner? Halifax. Thanks

Asked by babydouding
9 hours 11 minutes ago

I have a Snorlax (CP 1889 and HP 200) with Zen Headbutt / Body slam. The appraisal is Amazes, HP strongest, Blown away. Gamepress iv calculator gave me two result:
IV 91 (attack 13,…

9 hours 24 minutes ago

Niantic picked up five Webby awards this year, winning not only Best Mobile Sites & Apps – Games, but also Experimental & Innovation and Best Use of GPS or Location Technology, the latter…

Asked by Disilan
9 hours 50 minutes ago

I have a 84 IV Golem, level 20, with Rock Throw/Earthquake. I want to fight dragonites with it because Ice types aren't really very common where I live. Should I power it up, or wait for the event…

Asked by legolas.vin91
10 hours 19 minutes ago
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