Asked by RickDeckard8
6 minutes 30 seconds ago

So I always have 9 incubators hatching eggs. And in the recent "Windy Weather type Pokemon" increased egg rate period, I hatched 6 Beldum and received 149 candy from the hatches. Out of the the 6…

Asked by AlexTiansay
8 hours 41 minutes ago

So a month or so back now I finally got a mewtwo, but I have similarly gotten Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza, Groudon and Kyogre I know for certain get a little more power per power up than mewtwo…

Asked by Silverstriser
9 hours 25 minutes ago

I need to stress here that this just a theory and If it's true I'm not upset about it and actually think it's kinda cool on Niantic's part.

Based on totally anecdotal evidence, the kids…

Asked by solid_snake
11 hours 45 minutes ago

amoungst the frequent raiders in my group, and bear in mind we are regional and many of us have jobs so these numbers are big for us, most people got a shiny within 10 raids (one person got 3 from…

Asked by Frostystuff
12 hours ago

One level 30 Groudon, plus 3 level 25 boosted catches...two of those level 25 s had Dragontail, too...whoops. I was way ahead...easily figured out why it turned out this close. Challenge, but glad…

Asked by devshaw
12 hours 11 minutes ago

Hey, everyone. So, initially, I wasn't planning on doing Lugia raids since I was fortunate enough to find and catch a perfect one last summer. But, curiosity got the best of me; I wanted to know…

Asked by CzarJG24
12 hours 16 minutes ago

So I've built my counter team for Lugia based off Pokebattler with and without my Pokebox and both say Gardevoir with Confusion/Shadow Ball is a great choice...

Just done a Lugia with…

Asked by Sully0988
14 hours 38 minutes ago

Hi all,

After 80 plus Rayquaza raids, my best two are as listed:

1) 2071 cp 14atk/15def/14sta 96%
2) 2067 cp 15atk/15def/12sta 93%

Am leaning towards the 93% one, as…

Asked by webh32
15 hours 5 minutes ago

Hello hope a help to answer this.. Is a 1 point lack in defence for lugia negligible?

I got 98% lugia with 15/14/15 stats.. I know lugia is best in def so makes me wonder is it difference…

Asked by Redzstyle96
15 hours 11 minutes ago

For the last two or three weeks I have been experiencing raids with no rare candy rewards. For example four of the last five level 3 raids gave me no candy while my accompanying wife received two…

Asked by Pokebubba16
15 hours 31 minutes ago

There was a time when I truly coveted a Hurricane Dragonite to solo Machamp. I got one, and it made my life so much better against Machamp.

Fast forward to the present. I have a maxed…

Asked by dantheman2587
16 hours 3 minutes ago

This ad was running on this website today, and when I took a second look... something seems a bit... off... to me.

16 hours 46 minutes ago

The cold managed to eat away all but 30% of my battery, my external one was still no match and got wasted too, my character kept sticking to pokestops, but I finally got there in time and everyone…

Asked by -Detonatress-
18 hours 13 minutes ago

I am on level 31 and so far i come across only 1 perfect wild mon. Houndour! I try to catch every mon i come across but no luck. Is it just me or its just hard to come across a 100%?

Asked by tR0N97
19 hours 59 minutes ago

1) 506 CP: 91 IV with 14 A, 15 D, 12 S
2) 500 CP: 84 IV with 15 A, 12 or 11 D, 12 or 11 S

Asked by Yellow_Sponge
20 hours 20 minutes ago

Talking about Tyranitar and DPS

Asked by MarcoLeandroX
21 hours 51 minutes ago

So far I m lucky enough to have 151415 et 141515 (ADS) two iv 98 Lugia. And i may chose one to max out if i dont encounter a 151514 or 100 one. I know that 15A is essential to a lengendary but for…

Asked by JEFFXU
23 hours 28 minutes ago

Here in Singapore, you can go to any legendary raid battle right after the egg hatches, and you will see half of the players holding 2 or more phones. Even for those with only 1 phone, they often…

1 day ago

I have been playing on a four-year-old iPad Air. Its battery is still going strong (unlike my iPhone 6 Plus) but the game is lagging/crashing even more often and the aspect ratio problem is…

Asked by hkn
1 day ago
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