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Ex Raid 3

There isnt one atm but that aside yes it is a bit frail but the dps is so good your only handicap…

Blastoise will not be a good defender not by a long shot compared to milotic. The only reason mil…

Actually you must be going by a old post or you do not gym battle alot of body slam max snorlax b…

Body slam is way more useful then a heavy slam snorlax.

Naw All hail our lord and saviors straight outta retirement the golem army.

Question: Ho-oh counters

isnt bad doesnt win medals.

Saying "Defending ability is taken into consideration (since defense = coins), but not as much as…

Only evolve as it says or CAUGHT as referring to catching a wild charizard during the event.

Source of just guessing how much HP

It will be the second highest dps behind moltres