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14 12 10
HP Atk Def
14 15 10
HP Atk Def
12 15 10
HP Atk Def
15 13 13
HP Atk Def
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15 15 15
HP Atk Def
15 13 14
HP Atk Def
15 15 14
HP Atk Def

I'm a writer myself. I've recently been busy with GoBattleSim code refactoring (it's 90% done now…

Hey there,

Thanks for bring this issue up. It has been fixed.

Thanks for the feedbac! Will fix it


DPS^3*TDO is used to measure a Pokemon's overall performance in the sheet.

The term "overa…


Thanks for letting us know. The issue occurred due to some changes from our end. A fi…

What's the point of living?

As far as I can see, we just take up the Earth's storage space…

Made some changes. Please check again and see if the issue has been fixed. Sorry for the inconven…

It is suggested to give a nickname to your Pokemon to differentiate them.
The save butty bu…

The DPS spreadsheet provides a quick overview on what's good against X by a series of formulas, n…