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The point is you fire a BS and they Shield in anticipation of what they think is an Outrage.

I like the new Spark art, it really captures what he's all about

no but you get this nice lump of coal

Also it looks like the poster (not you) was spoofin' lol

I would always hear friends and fellow-raiders alike complain that "The boss double-attacked" so…

It's just a sin what they've done to Ground types :/ I always hated that Kyogre was pretty much o…

Question: Mamoswine's CD

And neither Palkia nor Dialga are even weak to ice

Actually I think CP does mean the stats, though Grovyle and Sceptile have different "stat shapes"…

Remember, though, that energy values are not the same as they are outside of PvP. Outrage uses so…

Question: Heatran in PVP?

Yes, because I'm able to put a 1500cp Grovyle in a Great League team.

Question: 2500 limit