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I hatched a feebas today. Surprised nobody has mentioned his special requirement for evolution. T…

Question: Feebas?

Why limit it to just legendaries. No duplicates of any species in a party would make more sense i…

But you can only be in 20 gyms at a time? Did you get kicked out of 30 as you went?

Nah. Yours are better. We all hope you never leave

Question: Raikwazza baddi

I would make fun of the spelling but instead I'll assume it was intentional or that English isn't…

Question: Raikwazza baddi

Rock stars, fight club, psycho squad, gardeners and defenders. I might switch out the defenders f…

Only 69% IV's but at least it's level 35

Gardevoir doesn't have the hp to be a good defender.

According to their stats slaking did get nerfed

It should only take 2 or maybe 3 level 40 mewtwo. Or one if you go out and revive it each time it…