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I heard that's just a visual bug, but haven't checked it myself.

Blaziken didn't have a fighting charge move on release, so he definitely didn't top the fighting…

My maxed Kyogre went up to ~ 4100+. Almost everything went up except for BlissChanLax.

It seems that for Pokemon that got the 9% nerf the formula is round instead of floor.

You won't time out on blissey now.

If you decline, the player that sent you the invitation won't be able to send another one (not to…

I think CD is still possible. Togepi shiny is released, but being a baby Pokemon it is extremely…

Question: Togekiss, What?

Not really, the majority of your XP came before most shinies were available, and you were retired…

But how many have you seen since the shiny karp introduction?