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It's going to take at least 4 (3 in fog).

Question: Defense Deoxys

Snorlax wins over Giratina only if he is able to bait shields with BS.

it can only learn Psychic. DG was removed from the game master before Happiny was released.

Question: Happiny

Personally I prefer FB/IB+S for tempest over WG. Hitting hard Altaria and Tropius is more import…

It only have one move.

Question: Happiny

For general use WG is better, for the tempest cup FB is the better choice imo. Ice hit for 2xSE d…

It's not a clear cut. After 2 PuP it becomes equivalent to DP in terms of DPE, which makes it bet…

It's in both but extremely rare. I guess 7k are better for the fact you can reliably get them, on…

No tier 4 is soloable now.

Question: Solo absol?