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Why is Raikou even in this discussion? Steelix double resists it

Did you forget (like I did at first) that B/SE TTar is one of the best counters against Ho-Oh?…

Inb4 "What's a Mewtwo?"
Take note of who the OP is

No, but it resets if another defender is knocked out after 10 minutes.
It doesn’t reset whe…

There are places where gyms are actively GRB defended.

Legendary raids are 300s. That’s 2 1/2 trainers.

Duo may be possible in partly cloudy weat…

Try putting a pidgey in singapore and see if you get even 1 coin
It doesn’t matter even if…

If I had to point out one major flaw with this list, it is listing only one moveset per pokemon.…

TSR needs to study item bundles yet again.

The gym turned white before you entered the battle.