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They only received a minor power creep imo. The ones u mentioned are still useful attackers if u…

Thanks Guys for all your suggestions!
Got Hex/Sludge Bomb, TMed to Shadow Ball, now she is…

Personally the higher atk iv, the higher potential dmg u can do when u max it out. I personally w…

Conserving stardust is important bruh

Know your breakpoints scrub. 15 ATK IVS only.

Niantic is just testing

our patience

Shedinja will be a funny Pokemon to use if it gets Wonder Guard

Question: Gen 3 ghosts


That is why the percentage chance of getting them will be as low as random evo item drops. From g…

Steelix currently is no Blissey or Snorlax in terms of defending, but with gyms now forcing playe…