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I guess so.
But my 39 levels already did 7 kyogre raid since its released, and all of them…

Come on dude, It's just a game. And also I'm almost hardcore and legit player since this game rel…

both of them have Thunder Shock & Wild Charge
and I'm in Sydney

open google and search nearest magikarp frequently spawn nest with your place

You were lucky for shiny, at least I think I'm lucky enough about Magikarps with their IV's

First trying using free pass.
Got 12 balls, and caught 1919 CP for the first time Entei by…

You could sharing coords for sniping good LV/IV pokemon and raiding maybe?

there is still no proof about that.
it is just randomly number, nobody knows and only pokem…

And the pokemon go RNG Algorithm made by niantic right?

Niantic must repair this RNG.
This one really hurting, I believe there are still many train…