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Pokemon Box

Pokemon IV IV IV CP
Dragonite Dragonite 15 15 15 3300
Gyarados Gyarados 15 15 15 3023
Vaporeon Vaporeon 15 15 15 2909
Feraligatr Feraligatr 15 15 15 2021
Wigglytuff Wigglytuff 15 15 15 1756
Exeggutor Exeggutor 15 15 15 1750
Tentacruel Tentacool 15 15 15 1356
Electabuzz Electabuzz 15 15 15 1349
Electrode Electrode 15 15 15 1085
Fearow Fearow 15 15 15 1036
Fearow Fearow 15 15 15 1036
Ponyta Ponyta 15 15 15 858
Oddish Oddish 15 15 15 611
Tentacool Tentacool 15 15 15 382
Togepi Togepi 15 15 15 308
Questions Replies
Pokémon GO updated to version 0.69.1 for Android and 1.39.1 for iOS 19
I just want this event to end so i can actually play the game!! 6
When do the New Special Boxes expire? 3
Does a Level 5 Raid guarantees a TM? 21
Finally caught Articuno!! 5
New challenge for Gofest. 10
Legendary Pokemon confirmed!! 21
You can now tap on a pokemon and it can show you what gym its currently in. Finally!!!!! 9
The new gym system with 6 permemant slots is horrible!!!!! 2
This week's 10 Batch hatch. 3
Getting 100% IV pokemon to level 40 (My new Meta!!) 22
Just incase there is Anniversary event on the 6th. Are you ready? 14
This week's 9 10k batch hatch!! 4
And you thought it was hard to catch a Raid bos before?! 13
Battle animations on top of gyms are back!!! 3
Logged in and collected my 50 coins. Best defenders ever! 6
Android VS iPhone pokrmon returned notifications 5
This week's 9 10k batch hatch!! 7
Everyone gets a raid boss! 4
Thinking about changing my trainer name 1
Gym Leader badge, the easiest badge ever! 5
Spoofers are now your best friends!! 7
Gyms stagnantion is even worse and this is how to cure it 5
First level 4 raid!! And the birth of DB/OR Dragonite 11
Coin payout has increased to more than 1 coin/hour!!!! 19
My first two Raid experiences. Not impressed. New EXP grind 21
3 raid battles happening around Bryant Park within the next hour!! 7
Beating them down since 2016!! 3
New Gym Leader badge 5
Shop has Max revives and Max potions now. 7
20 defenders per trainer max? 6
Just got my first gym badge!!! 5
Game freezes after spinning team gym? 3
Has anyone looked at their journal lately? 9
27 fire and ice event 10K eggs conclusion 6
Septuple lure spot update. 8
Flash mob Pikachu nest? 1
Defender rewards overhaul 6
Tonights 9 10K batch hatch results :( 16
While gyms are closed, how will you play? 3
90,000 EXP or the Pokemon, which is more valuable? 26
Uptick in 10K eggs? 3
Anyone else feeling remorse pre event hatching? 12
Inactive Gyms and Pokestops? 3
Lvl 1 perfect IV perfect moveset Dragonite 15
Changes in the game that went unnoticed. What else changed? 9
Best RNG ever!!! 14
Tracking trainers? 7
In San Francisco for 1 day. Where to go that's lured up? 2
Do you remember your first defenders? 10
When did they fix the eggs colours in the journal? 1
100% IV 6xx CP Teddiursa evolved to 7xx Ursaring? 13
The event started 30 minutes early!? 4
Why bubblestrat needs to be removed! 13
Streak bonus April fools joke or glitch? 3
Anyone else loving the new hatching odds? 7
The tale of two Tyranitars 5
Snorlax event for Japan (increased spawns) 3/4/17 - 3/13/17 16
Cheating sure is fun.... 9
Announcements always late... 6
The septuple pokestops are now lured NYC! 8
Unknown showed up on the radar!!!! 4
The septuple lure spot! 8
Pokemon Day Event !! 02/27/2017 5
These are some hairy rattatas! 8
So i just ran into my first Tyranitar.....wow! 22
Incorrect egg info? 5
Vaporeon used Hydropump! [rant] 13
7 day streak guarantee upgrade items? 30
Energy moves that were 2 energy is now 3 on top tier pokemon? 6
New walking animation! 4
Four different scrollbars!? 3
Anyone else getting crap spawns after the update? 12
Fustrations of network error and lag VS in game timer 5
Teleport gym take down..... 11
What's your favourite bug? 6
What's your best defender record? 27
Gym lag killing two attackers at once? 8
Starting off the new year bad. 18
Perfect Togepi hatch. Now what? 7

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