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I would go with 2890 & 2879, first one has overall higher IV, second has higher Stamina, lowe…

It happens sometimes. Also, I have noticed that when you complete the required distance for your…

If they nerf Rayquaza, will he be still better than Dragonite/Salamence or worse?

I would power-up Tyranitar.

Thanks :). Yep, but they are not powered up. Good ones are Moltres 96 (13/15/15), Articuno 96 (15…

Level 40 here,

I would go with Slowbro - better movepool!

I have done it twice with this lineup:
Vaporeon98%(WG/HP) - 39lvl
Golem100%(RT/RB) -…

Question: Solo Arcanine

WC should be 90dmg with 2 charges.